Obama Gestapo to Spy on Bloggers

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Fundamentally Transforming America

Obama’s Gestapo

What will happen when the Marxist Moron pushes his  agenda to the point that those of us who are still Americans balk? Will our armed forces fire on us on orders from this punk, in the interests of imposing the same ideology our military was intended to stave off? Obama isn’t counting on it. As mentioned earlier, the Moonbat Messiah has proclaimed:

We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

Here’s video, since seeing is believing:

We’re talking about a “civilian national security force” with an annual budget of $439 billion.  (Here’s more from Moonbattery)

Hamas-CAIR Attacks US Marines, Pamela Geller, and Atlas Readers in Defense of Jihadists

We have a racist group, Hamas-CAIR, telling the Defense department what they want done to avenge an offense against jihadists trying to kill our soldiers. It’s astonishing.

Notoriously anti-American Hamas-CAIR has issued one of their priceless hate and fatwa-inducing missives attacking my very funny post: CAIR Condemns Alleged “Desecration” of Dead Jihadists by U.S. Marines in Afghanistan

Apparently, the pro-jihad group feigns moral outrage at these US Marines. They are morally superior because their ideology sanctions honor kilings, child marriage, polygamy, clitorectomies, women as chattel, subjugation and oppression of women, persecution and slaughter of non-Muslims, Jew-hatred, etc.   Hamas-CAIR Attacks  (Pamela Geller)

Robert Spencer:

“Homeland Security watches Twitter, social media,”

Welcome, DHS Agents!

Who would be more deserving of a Golden Shower than SHRILLARY?

SHRILLARY CLINTON expresses “shock and dismay” over the pissing Marines incident.

Finally, Hillary gets to publicly vent her little known hatred for the Marines. When she was first lady, she was so repulsed by having to walk past all the Marines in uniform standing guard at the White House,  she tried to force them out of uniform, but failed. (BNI)

Gates of Vienna:

Reclaiming Our Sovereign Autonomy

Patrick Henry: 'Give me liberty or give me death!'

The right to speak and publish freely is currently under assault in all Western democracies.

In some countries, and especially in the European Union, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is now interpreted to mean that religious freedom includes the right not to be insulted by statements about one’s religion. At the instigation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, national constitutions are being rewritten or reinterpreted to allow exceptions to the right to free speech when the “defamation of religion” is involved.

Free speech is being actively suppressed in Western Europe, where those who criticize immigration and Islamization are frequently harassed, fired from their jobs, arrested, charged, prosecuted, convicted, and fined. In the near future we can expect that someone in Europe will go to prison simply for expressing his opinion about the Religion of Peace. Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, and Austria are actively vying to see who can be first to incarcerate a Counterjihad dissident.

Notwithstanding the protections afforded by the First Amendment, the United States of America is well on its way down the same evil path. Christians who proselytize on the streets of Muslim neighborhoods have discovered to their dismay that existing statutes concerning incitement, intimidation, disorderly conduct, and breach of the peace can be utilized to arrest and remove infidels who insult Muslims, even if the charges are later dismissed.

To make matters worse, a direct assault on the First Amendment is on the horizon, with Hillary Clinton’s promise to the OIC that the United States will work to implement the UN resolution requiring member states to pass laws that criminalize the “defamation of religions”.

An end run around the Constitution may also be available in the recently-passedNational Defense Authorization bill, which permits the president to order indefinite military detention of American citizens, even within the United States. The rationale is that we are in a “time of war”. The war, however, has never been declared, and the enemy is unnamed — except, of course, as “extremism”. And we all know who Barack Hussein Obama considers to be the “extremists”. The NDAA does not bode well for tea-partiers, Islamophobes, Ron Paul supporters, and other “right-wing extremists”. If nothing else, the feds will be forced to detain a few of us just to prove they are not engaging in “profiling”.

This is the state of free speech in the Western world ca. 2012. The current plight of free expression, like so many other rights, is a reminder of the old admonition: Use it or lose it.

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Free speech is the most important of a constellation of rights that also includes the following, among others:

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