"Killing is the same as mercy…"

“Killing is a great Divine gift.”

Ayatollah Khomeini, pedophile imam of the Islamic Republic of Iran

“Those who say Islam should not kill don?t understand [it]. Killing is a great [divine] gift that appears [to man]. A religion that does not include [provisions for] killing and massacre is incomplete. Those who claim that Jesus was averse to killing and war, harm his prophetic mission… Killing is the same as mercy.”

Thanks to the Religion of Peace:


Jihad du Jour: Over 80 Dead in Nigeria…

KANO (Nigeria): At least 80 bodies were piled in a morgue in Nigeria’s second-largest city of Kano on Saturday after coordinated bomb attacks and shootouts the previous night, an AFP correspondent reported.

Growing Islamic fundamentalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Christians and moderate Muslims are trying to stem the tide of Islamo-fascism in the heart of the former Yugoslavia.

 The rise of radical Islam in Bosnia-Herzegovina is going unchallenged by the authorities, the country’s leading bishop has warned.

India: Muslim Feelings Hurt

Reminding Muslims of Muhammad’s Satanic verses makes Muslims go satanic, or something…..“Police have to ensure that our feelings are not hurt,” sez wannabe Rushdie killer.

One more:

“islam grew with blood… The great prophet of islam in one hand carried the quran and in the other a sword… islam is a religion of blood for the infidels but a religion of guidance for other people.”

Ayatollah Khomeini

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  1. “Killing is a divine gift” … yeah, as long as they’re dishing it out. But, to give due honor to their ideology, I think we should let the nuclear cruise missiles fly.

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