Malaysian Muslim Zealot Who Terrorized Christian "Victims of Apostasy" Sacked From Political Party

He will be back, no doubt. Or resort to good old Muselmanic terrorism, that’s what Muslims do.

Hasan Ali sacked

“I am sad that my struggles for Islam are repaid in this manner”

Describing the action as “drastic”, Hasan said: “I will now consult friends and the ulama.”

Sure thing. He will try to rally support from other zealots.  He claims to fight for Islam, the Malays and the rulers. (by attacking Christians and exMuslims, of course…)

Malaysian Muslim politician demands meeting with Christian leaders and former Muslims

Many Muslims tend to see hidden plots and conspiracies against Islam behind every tree and blade of grass, and Malaysia is no different. To wit, Malaysian Muslim demagogue and politician ‘Doctor’ Hasan Alihas gone to great lengths to attack Malaysian Christians, with the blessings (or at least the tacit consent) of the Muslim-controlled national government. The ‘doctor’ is continuing his very public efforts to prove that their evil ‘plots against Muslims’ exist, i.e. the supposed Christian conspiracies to convince Muslims to leave Islam. The aforementioned alleged Muslim apostates, whose crime consists of only no longer believing in Islam, of course have absolutely no right to freedom of any kind. Note that the headline to this piece refers to ‘victims of apostasy’, as if the freedom of religion in general and leaving Islam in particular were akin to an outbreak of disease or a natural disaster.Following up this earlier Jihad Watch story, “Hasan Ali wants meeting with Christian leaders and victims of apostasy”, by Clara Chooi, The Malaysian Insider, 7 Jan 2012:

SEREMBAN, Jan 7 — PAS leader Datuk Dr Hasan Ali is planning a meeting with Christian leaders and “victims of apostasy” to prove the existence of a movement to convert Muslims, Sinar Harian reported today.

Claiming apostasy in Malaysia has become a serious concern, Dr Hasan said such a meeting was necessary to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

It’s only a ‘problem’ because Muslims and only Muslims make it so, but never mind.

“If they (apostates) agree to meet with these priests and religious leaders, a closed-door meeting will be held to prove the existence of a movement to convert Muslims.

“I want Christian leaders, religious scholars, muftis and intellectuals to hear from the mouths of these apostates themselves, the mouths of those who have embraced Christianity, as proof that they have been ensnared in the religion and these conversion attempts,” the daily quoted Dr Hasan as saying during the Himpunan Sejuta Umat (Gathering of a Million Faithful) meet at Negeri Sembilan’s closed-door stadium in Paroi here.

Dr Hasan (picture) however noted he was yet to obtain the permissions of the converts to hold the meeting.

“This is because [the former Muslims] are afraid to come forward as they fear the risk, threats from the community, their safety and they fear insults from others,” he explained.

What? These apostates fear for their safety? Are they implying that followers of theReligion of Peace might be or become violent? That makes these alleged former Muslims a bunch of greasy Islamophobes.

“It all depends on whether they are able to accept this meeting,” he added, saidSinar Harian.

Dr Hasan said the effort to hold such a meeting was following claims on several websites that proselytisation activities do not exist in Malaysia.

He claimed to have “concrete evidence” in the form of documents from the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) to proof the existence of proselytisation here.

But the best proof would be from those willing to come forward with their stories, he said.

According to the daily, the “Unit Selamatkan Akidah” was formed by Dr Hasan in Selangor after 46 of 51 “victims of apostasy” approached him for help to return to Islam.

In a separate article today, Sinar Harian also reported that there have been 686 conversion applications from Muslims in Malaysia to date.

Himpun chairman Azmi Abd Hamid was quoted as confirming the information as true, claiming to have obtained the figures from the Syariah Court.

Why is Hasan Ali so obsessed with securing ‘evidence’ to prove his case? Is he afraid that the public will think he’s lying? We can’t ask such Islamophobic questions, I suppose. Muslims are notoriously thin-skinned about apostasy, to say the least–it’s a capital crime in many Muslim countries, and Islamic theology permanently keeps it that way.But surely, if you’ve got the best goods on the market–as Muslims never tire of saying that Islam is the best, etc.–then why would they be so continuously concerned about the competition? Unless the ideological goods Muslims are pushing aren’t as good as advertised.

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