Obama threatens Israel and bows to Iran (again)

Unreal… Obama Administration Warns Israel About Strike on Iran

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iranian president, at the “World Without Zionism” convention calls for wiping Israel off the map (Mehr News Agency – Terror Info, October 26, 2005).

Despite the constant threats by Iranian leaders, the Obama White House is worried that Israel will take action against the regime to defend itself.  The Wall Street Journal reported (via GWP)

There’s more:

Obama condemns killing of Iranian nuke scientist

What else did you expect from this apologist in chief?

Strangely, America’s Muslim POTUS never condemns  those who constantly scream Kill all Jews’

For O’Turd, “America is no longer a Christian country”- so why worry about a Christian who is on death row for his belief in Iran?  Iranian pastor rejects offer to be released from prison if he acknowledges Muhammad as a “messenger sent by God”

A few links on Iran, US, Israel and accusations of interference.

Iran Threatens Sowdi Barbaria

Iran Warns Saudi Arabia of ‘Dire Consequences’ for Helping West

Pure anti-semitism in Iranian “news” sites

Each and every one of these little headbangers want’s to be a modern day Goebbles. Jonathan Azaziah  is just more obsessed and deranged…..

Here’s a sample of his “work”

The true goal of Zionism is to wipe out all non-Jewish peoples in vast parts of Egypt, including most of its north, all of Sinai and Cairo, all of Jordan, all of Kuwait, a gargantuan portion of Saudi Arabia, all of Lebanon, all of Syria, all of Cyprus, an elephantine part of Turkey up to Lake Van and finally, part of Iraq south of the Euphrates River. The expulsion and/or mass murder of these peoples would lead to the creation of the Zionist dream known as Greater Israel.   Its a worry that this A-sole is allowed to live in the U.S. 

2 thoughts on “Obama threatens Israel and bows to Iran (again)”

  1. The demented Lame Stream EneMedia and Obambi loving left wing moronic moonbats ignore Obambis words and deeds promoting and protecting Islam in the same way as they ignore Mohammedans words and deeds in vilifying Jews and both declaring and MAKING War on the West.
    The Media is so ‘in the tank’ for Obambi, partly to try to hide their own shame at their STUPIDITY in promoting and protecting him, and partly because the Media and Academia are virtually brainwashed left wing moonbat morons to a man.

  2. Wake up Israel.
    You gave up your sovereignty to the bully empire for their fake peace Road Map to Sheol.
    You have already been neutered by the false peace process of your false ally ,America Babylon.
    It is they who restrained you from defeating Hezbollah when President Bush came to their rescue in the second Lebanon war ,summer of 2006 and again when he came to the rescue of Hamas in the 2009 Gaza war.
    The lap dogs of Israel followed orders and retreated the IDF before they could defeat them.

    Unwritten US policy is to make sure that Israel never defeat another Arab army ever again.

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