Queen Beatrix in New Guinea

Respecting all cultures and local customs:

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was just on a state visit in Abu Dhabi.  Today she visited the Sultan Qabus Mosque in Masqat, Oman. Take a look at the photo above!

Her Majesty  copped flak from Geert Wilders for  wearing the Islamic head-rag.  Wilders called it a “weak display”  saying she was supporting the oppression of women under Islam.

A government spokesman apologized for the Queens Islamically correct display of submission  by stating that she only “followed local customs”.

The good folks from PI didn’t waste any time to  come up with this little photomontage which shows where so much respect for local customs leads:

Fair is fair:

Those who wear a head-rag to visit the soldiers of allah should also respect other cultures and mingle with the natives!

Watch the vid here, on youtube its already blocked!

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