"Rogue Afghan soldier kills (another) 2 French soldiers…."

Fantasy based policy and denial of reality kills.  It  beggars belief that there are people in command who believe you can  take an illiterate Afghan headbanger, stick him in a fresh new uniform and hand him a modern weapon.
All you get is   ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’
A Taliban  statement said  the attack was carried out by a Taliban who had joined the Afghan army in eastern Kapisa province, with a purpose to carry out such an attack.
 Esmerelda Weatherwax/Iconoclast
A SOLDIER’S guide to surviving war in Afghanistan will go on public display – 92 years after it was written. A 24-page diary by Corporal Charles Kavanagh, written in 1919, told how insurgents ambushed and murdered British soldiers. He even described how Afghan militia would dress as women in burkas to approach a British camp.

Cpl Kavanagh lied about his age to join the Cheshire Regiment at 15 and was sent to the Third Anglo-Afghan War in May to August 1919.

He wrote: “The endurance and experience gained by the tribesman from years of incessant raiding make him a formidable enemy. He will sometimes hide his rifle and appear as a peaceful villager.”

One tip to young recruits was: “Avoid shaking hands with a strange Pathan. (Pashtun)   They will seize with their left hand and stab with their right.”

Cpl Kavanagh continued serving with the British army and was evacuated from Dunkirk in 1940. He died in 1992, aged 87.

3 thoughts on “"Rogue Afghan soldier kills (another) 2 French soldiers…."”

  1. Here we go warnings from voices long ago yet the so called intelligent well schooled men of today think ‘they’ know better.

    I bet there’s many, many more accounts and words of wisdom still yet uncovered or just plain ignored. Oh well to our demise.

  2. Right you are, Ironside.
    These new generals and politicians think they know how to deal with the Taliban. Treat them with respect. Use these strange rules of engagement which put the troops in harms way waiting for a lawyer, back in Washington D.C., to tell them it’s okay to shoot them.

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