Just like Muhammad & Zainab….

Unfortunately, Zainab didn’t cut the meshugge profit’s penis off after he raped her. This Afghan women was not going to put up with this shiite:

An Afghan woman cut off her father-in-law’s penis with a knife after he tried to have sex with her, a doctor in eastern Afghanistan’s Ghazni province said on Saturday.  87 per cent of Afghan women report having experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence or forced marriage.

5 thoughts on “Just like Muhammad & Zainab….”

  1. Buuah … penis away

    Forced marriage is very Islamic – Bukhari Vol. 4, Bok 52, #143
    & Qur’an 65:4


    “Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihaad)”
    Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Bok 52, Number 143

    “…Her husband had been killed while she was a bride. So Allah’s Apostle selected her for himself (forced marriage) and took her along with him till we reached a place called Sad-AsSahba,’ where her menses were over and he took her for his wife.”

  2. The savage cannot use rape as a weapon without his phallus, perhaps Islam can be castrated from within if more of their women would take these types of actions against such behaviour…

  3. Ha! A good news story at last. What did she do with the piece of mohammedan gristle? Ram it down his throat?

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