So you hate Pamela Geller?

You may as well hate yo mama for changing your diapers. Or you may as well knock out your own front teeth.

Pam and those like her bring up uncomfortable truths and for that they will be forever hated.

One would think that it would acceptable to “hate” the bombing of Christians in Nigeria, to “hate” the Honor Killing of young women in Texas and elsewhere, to “hate” the burning of churches in Egypt and to “hate” calls for the extermination of Jews. Yet it is not these hateful things, but the hatred of these things that draws the outrage of our friends on the left….(Read it all…)

Also shrieketh Sheila Musaji:

“Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller Oppose Interfaith Activities”

They do? Who in his right mind would refuse to eat interfaith bagels with Bloomberg?!

Could it be that this “interfaith” fraud never was, never is and never will be a dialogue between faiths?  When was ‘interfaith’ anything but da’awa, Islamic proselytizing to make new converts and con gullible Jews and Christians into  supporting the Islamic expansion program?


3 thoughts on “So you hate Pamela Geller?”

  1. Interfaith dialogue is a way to fool gullible Christians into conceding to Islamic cultural norms, such as Halal, FGM, polygamy etc, while Muslims concede nothing.

  2. I happen to love Pam, and look forward to her email posts everyday.

    Pamela and Robert are vital to keeping us informed of the tragedy of Islam on it’s race to world domination.
    We must be armed to the teeth with knowledge. I’m only sorry the left-wing media doesn’t report the same truths.

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