Soros is a Victim Too!

Don’t laugh.

“Billionaire George Soros has “been the victim of Glenn Beck and the right-wing, the Fox News assassins.”

The truth hurts:

“He (Soros) is deeply troubled by the Orwellian power of the right-wing in this country today…”

Huffington Post PuffHo founder Arianna Huffington with PBS news commentator Socialist mouthpiece Bill Moyers  sing the praises of America-hating billionaire George Soros.. Both are  sockpuppets for  this Nazi collaborator,  who helped the Gestapo to appropriate the wealth of Hungarian fellow Jews and ship them off to the death camps.  Ever since, the avowed Communist Godfather of corporate raiders and financial wrecker of countries left a bloody trail in his wake.

This is the man who, knowingly on film, admitted he ENJOYS bringing down countries and their currencies, and ASPIRES to destroying the United States in the same fashion. Soros is a communist who uses capitalism to to destroy capitalism, in his own words.

So now his lackeys would have us believe he is a victim?  If that’s what he is, he is a victim of his own greed and megalomania. I’m sooo sorry!

The comments on NewsBusters show that a lot of people know what’s going on….

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