UK: Harvard Shyster to Sell Sharia "to the Whole Community"

“I Promise It won’t hurt a bit”

Its all about “misconceptions”- it always is, isn’t it?

His sharia is ‘adaptable to change’,  its the most  user friendly, versatile and wide-ranging collection of ethical and legal principles the world has ever known;  and it wouldn’t be Islam if it didn’t come with a threat: “If you don’t have open tribunals, they’re going to happen anyway, but behind closed doors.”

Obviously, 85 sharia courts in the UK are not nearly enough:

Barrister Sadakat Kadri, a contemporary of Barack Hussein Obama at Harvard Law School,  has called for the UK to become more sharia-literate, while arguing that Islamic law can be compatible with the toughest human rights legislation.

Well it won’t be, but Sadakat Kadri is doing his Islamic duty to spread it around, just like others spread AIDS…

Cheradenine Zakalwe has more (thanks to Mullah for the tip)

Growing use of Sharia by UK Muslims by V1683

Designer Vaginas for the needy?

You got it, baby!

Thanks to our bleeding hearts taxpayers are already paying for Muslim females hymen restoration, just so that their future husbands don’t need to kill them to restore their ‘honor’.

Strangely,  the rort doesn’t stop there:

Da’awa in American Schools

The Muslim Brotherhood Metes Out Justice in the UK:

Yet no one, least of all Western feminists, seems in the least concerned about Sharia’s institutionalized discrimination against women. “Growing use of Sharia by UK Muslims,” by Divya Talwar for the BBC, January 16 (thanks to JW):

Another British Freedom Falls to the Third-Worlders by Cheradenine Zakalwe

When a civilised country is colonised by third-worlders, it is gradually transformed into a third-world country itself. We’ve already seen habeas corpus fall to the third-worlders; now it’s the turn of trial by jury.

LAHORE, Pakistan