Wilders vs the Establishment

An update from  Queen Beatrix in New Guinea

“Support for Wilders shrinks”- really?

Just goes to show how dumbed down the Dutch already are:

 Wilders’ comments about the queen’s headscarf during her state visit to the UAE and Oman have (also) irritated voters. Some 50% of PVV supporters say the queen was right to cover her head while visiting a mosque and 49% support the way the queen responded – by stating Wilders was talking nonsense.   What say you?

Prime Ministerial Cocksuckery:

In a weekly meeting with the press, Prime Minister Mark Rutte has backed remarks made yesterday by Queen Beatrix that it is “nonsense” to say the Islamic headscarf is a symbol of women’s oppression.

“There are lots of women who wear headscarves, they are not all oppressed.”

Nobody should ever be sacked for telling the truth:

PVV councillor thrown out of party for ‘Turkish pig’ email

The anti-Islam PVV in Limburg has sacked one of its provincial councillors for describing a Labour party colleague as ‘a piece of sicked-up halal meat made from a Turkish pig’.

Last summer, PVV MP Raymond de Roon described the Turkish prime minister Recep Erdogan as an ‘Islamic monkey’. And party leader Geert Wilders told a news conference in London in 2010 Erdogan is a total freak’.

Compare that with the ‘sons of apes and swine’ and the ‘vilest of creatures’ who must be forcibly converted or killed if they don’t pay the jiziya with willing submission and then tell me: who are the ‘moderates’ here?

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  1. Some misinformation here. De Roon did not call Erdoclown an Islamic monkey, he used the phrase ‘de aap komt uit de mouw’, which you can translate into ‘showing your true colours.

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