Australia: The boats keep coming, but… who the hell are these people?

A true refugee would not ditch his papers

Andrew Bolt – Monday, January 30, 12

If you really were an asylum seeker facing persecution at home, you’d want all the documents to prove it. But:

Of the 3237 asylum-seekers who admitted to flying to Indonesia on a passport, 3200 did not have any travel documents when they arrived in Australia.

Odd. Now why would that be?:

The refugee status assessment process operates primarily on a risk model, meaning there can be significant advantages to inventing false identities and claims of persecution.

The absence of documentation also makes it extremely hard to deport failed asylum-seekers, because receiving countries are reluctant to accept those whose nationality is not clear.

You mean, many boat people fear they’d be rejected for settlement and sent home if we knew who they really were?

Yet more boat people die. When will Labor act?

Andrew Bolt – Thursday, February 02, 12

For God’s sake, Labor. More than 600 lured to their deaths since you weakened the boat people laws. FIX IT.

ANOTHER asylum-seeker boat with passengers bound for Australia has sunk, with reports 14 people are dead and 10 others are still missing.

The boat, believed to have been carrying 25 Afghan, Pakistani and Iraqi asylum-seekers, is understood to have sunk near Kota Tinggi off the coast of Malaysia yesterday…

This year 300 asylum-seekers have arrived in Australian waters on five vessels, double the amount that arrived in the same period in 2011.

Open Nauru. Turn back boats. Let boat people stay for only as long as their country is unsafe. Allow no family reunion for those who come by boat.



Tim Blair – Thursday, January 26, 12

This may not be as easy as our new Australian of the Year imagines:

Geoffrey Rush urged local writers to tell the stories of asylum seekers who try to make the perilous journey to Australia by boat …

Mr Rush said the asylum seeker issue was plastered daily across the newspapers, but the key question had not been answered.

“We hear the how and the what, and sense the political football around the issue, but I don’t find anything that tells me about the why,” he said.

“I’m in the profession that feels with empathy and compassion and intuition.

I say let Rush pay for it. Just to see how fast  his empathy and compassion vanishes in the ozone.

“I want to see the stories of why these people are coming here at great peril to their lives with such extraordinary bravery and we’re not finding that finding that human scale in their stories.”

A small problem, Geoffrey. If you want to tell these stories accurately, you’ll need documentation. Passports and such. And they aren’t always available. But if it’s just unverifiable claims you’re after, talk to any immigration official. Maybe we could make a film about the world’s oldest teenagers. On other matters, Rush’s reign might be the most entertaining since the days ofEmperor Flannery:

Mr Rush, 60, said there was a role for the arts to provide perspective on issues such as climate change and gay marriage.

Calm, rational perspective. That’s what the arts community brings.


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4 thoughts on “Australia: The boats keep coming, but… who the hell are these people?”

  1. I voted to elect a government to protect my borders and MY way of Life. Gillard your labor government has failed 100%.

  2. I quite agree with Ron Munro (above) it is the MY way of life that I am becoming increasingly worried about, I came here from overseas through the correct channels, applied, my family sat through the processing, had the health checks, sponsorship, and then arrived here with no expections of handouts. We also accepted the Australian Way of Life wholeheartedly. I worry about the direction our country is taking as the government and elected leaders seem to have less and less idea of how to tackle this problem of border control, refugees, and immigration.

  3. These people are guilty of destroying their papers yet most of them will still be allowed to stay. Australia is a small country and won’t take long to be overrun the way these people breed, have several wives and bring in their extended families. Then target and convert vulnerable people just to getthe numbers up. We live next to the biggest population of Muslims in the world. We are in a much more serious situation than we realise. We have to stop Islamic migration altogether. Let them sort out their own countries. They do not deserve our hospitality.
    Just a thought, but if these people were made to tell their stories properly they would probably slip up by being inconsistent.

  4. The absence of documentation also makes it extremely hard to deport failed asylum-seekers, because receiving countries are reluctant to accept those whose nationality is not clear.

    Then it should also be true that the absence of documentation should these asylum seekers ineligible for asylum.

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