Australia: "Violence is Better Than Sex"

Homegrown jihad

There appears to be a  population explosion in Australian prisons:

Twenty-one violent jihadists have been convicted and jailed over the past six years in a series of court cases which put the new home-grown brand of Australian terrorism on display.

They’re a colourful bunch:   BOOMERS BEHIND BARS  (Tim Blair)

Then there are establishment Muslims like Sheik Fehmi who  worry that these jihadists gave the game away……

Sadly, the Australian government promotes the idea of  a moderate Islam, something that only exists in the minds of utopians, climate changers and wakademics.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for making this vid available:

But government and the state-run media work  hand in hand with commies and greens, for the Great Islamic Climate Change Jihad

Australia needs more warming propagandists:

Sustainability Champions needed urgently,  JooLiar Government will train 80 more, all fees covered:   Andrew Bolt


An imported danger

Andrew Bolt – Monday, February 06, 12

A study of members of jihadist terror groups in Australia draws a strong link with our immigration policies:

His colleague at the university’s global terrorism research centre, Andrew Zammit, has found that six in 10 of those who have faced terrorism charges in Australia have been Muslims of Lebanese descent, a phenomenon unique to this country. 

Of 33 alleged jihadists in Australia since the September 11 attacks in the US, 20 were of Lebanese descent, while at least 16 Australians have been arrested in Lebanon over alleged terrorist activity, he found.

Violent jihad attempts have rarely emanated from Lebanese migrant communities in Europe and the US, even though they are much larger than Australia’s, Mr Zammit said.

‘’One explanation could be the social and economic disadvantage faced by Lebanese-Australian Muslims but that wouldn’t explain why a specific few dozen people turn to terrorism when tens of thousands in similar circumstances do not,’’ he said. ‘’Keep in mind that this is a small sample size and another set of arrests could significantly change the figures.’’

Another terrorism analyst, Sam Mullins, a research fellow at Wollongong University’s centre for transnational crime prevention, said that the preponderance of terrorists of Lebanese heritage reflected Australia’s immigration history.

Is it wise to bring in many people from a group likely to face “disadvantage” here, through some cultural or educational incompatibility, if a dangerous minority then turn to violence?

Is it wise to bring in many people of an ethnic group of which a significant minority has some as yet undiagnosed predisposition to turn to jihadism here?

One thought on “Australia: "Violence is Better Than Sex"”

  1. A couple of yeas ago I met by coincidence with an ex-prisoner of NSW gaols whom I took the opportunity to interview. The main subject we covered was the effect Muslim inmates in NSW gaols have on the whole system.
    I discovered that where once the gaols were run by old-time crim heavies, now they are run by ethnic gangs. Muslim gangs are a part of this set-up. Non-Muslim inmates are encouraged by these Muslim gangs to submit to Islam and join them in their activities. Hence the link between the Muslims now and the bikie gangs around the drug trade.
    Violence and intimidation, normal for Muslims, are among the tools used by these gangs to “convert non-muslims to Islam”. These new recruits are already on the wrong side of the law just by being in there. They are ripe for recruitment by Muslims and are valuable as Caucasian members of Islam who can blend in better than Muslims of “Middle-eastern appearance”. How effectively is this aspect of the Jihad being addressed by the authorities? It isn’t!

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