British MP's Consult With Abu Hamza on How to Tackle "Islamophobia"

Once great Britain is a looney bin.

Because “feelings of alienation and grievances”  feed violent radicalization among Muslims, its better to tackle “Islamophobia” by criminalizing the resistance, and who has more expertise in this field  than the mother of all grievance mongers, our old friend Abu Hamza al Masri?

The MPs talked to the radical preacher Abu Hamza in the maximum security unit at Belmarsh prison in London, who told them the main drivers of radicalisation were grievances, especially concerning Palestine and Afghanistan, a sense that the prophet was being mocked, guilt and capability.

He said unemployment was not a source of grievance. (The Guardian)

Trusted government adviser Abu Hook


Leading this parliamentary enquiry  was Keith Vaz.  (a yemenite hole)  Labour Eurocrat, whose Wiki page says he’s a Roman Catholic, (a Muzz under false flag)  who  led thousands of Muslim protestors in his Leicester constituency in a protest to get Salman Rushdie’s ‘Satanic Verses’ banned.

His parliamentary career has included a number of controversies, such as his suspension from the House of Commons in 2002 after making a false allegation against a fomer policewoman. There is more…

6 thoughts on “British MP's Consult With Abu Hamza on How to Tackle "Islamophobia"”

  1. Here is a question, he has both hands missing, don’t theives get their hands copped off in izlam? The man is a lier of the first teir, he has also stated quite plainly that terrorism is caused by non moozlims refusing to convert, pay jyzia and feeling humiliated or dropping dead, so to say its because the poor moozlims don’t feel loved he is lieing through his filthy hooks.

    Personaly I pray for the day they realise they are unloved here, hated in fact and decide wisely that living in the west is no longer an option and go back to izlamic lands where the lovely peaceful sharia rools supreme.

    Or as iatolla said about the Jewish people, lets hope they move to one area without nonmoozlims, this way we won’t have to worry about hunting them down world wide. moozlims are a cancer on the face of earth and need to be cut out for peace and harmony to rule. Interesting to see if moozlims think iatolla’s words are hate speach when moozlim replaces Jew.

  2. Okay regardless he claimed he got his deformities in Afghanistan if he did fight with Bin Laden and etc in the war on the Soviets he can be deported or executed either one

  3. Apparently he claims to have got his injuries in a minefield. Don’t we all travel through minefields practicing handstands?

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