BBC Boss: No Protection and Sensitivity Needed For Christianity…..

Al BeBeeCeera Commie in Chief Doesn’t Want to be “Racist”

“Religion as a whole”  (Christianity that is)  should never receive the same ‘protection and sensitivity’ in the law as race.

So because Christians don’t go apeshit and run amok they don’t need ‘protection and sensitivity?’

BBC director-general Mark Thompson tells us that  “other faiths have a ‘very close identity with ethnic minorities’” –meaning Islam is a race, and criticism or mockery of Islam would be “racist”.

He just couldn’t live with being called a ‘racist’, this genius.

As usual, the NY Slimes follows the same playbook:

Ted Nugent Goes Off:

One thought on “BBC Boss: No Protection and Sensitivity Needed For Christianity…..”

  1. Islam is a religion,a very political and totalitarian one at that,it is not a race and it is about time people realised this and stopped talking nonsense,Islam has shown itself unsuitable to western culture as it has no respect for law and order,abuses free speech and is violent and intolerant,open your eyes to the global problems Islam and its fanatical followers brings,

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