The Enemy Among Us

Despicable Swine

Negus needs to get the shoe. The bitch deserves the Taliban treatment.  Enough is enough.

VICTORIA Cross winner Ben Roberts-Smith would have every right to think that his enemies are in Afghanistan and that his friends reside in Australia.

Yesterday showed he is wrong.

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Yumi Stynes, the future of Australian journalism;  God help us.

“Yumi Stynes is the stuff of legends”- I took a screen shot to be sure, just before they take it down! (Below the fold!)


“Jesus was a Palestinian”

If Maher says it, it must be true….

He also whines about the bitter clingers:

“Guns are a religion. They’re next to godliness for a lot of people,” he ranted. Host Piers Morgan found America’s gun laws “incomprehensible” and balked at the “ideological dream” of the right to bear arms.   Read More

Empire State Building Insults Catholics

Dysentery Green as in Islam is okay.

The Empire State Building refused to honor Timothy Cardinal Dolan — setting off a torrent of outrage against the iconic structure that has honored everything from gay pride  to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

“Celebrating Homosexuality”

Canada to Forbid Teaching Your Own Children That Homosexual Depravity Is Wrong

One of the main points of homeschooling is to spare innocent children from the increasingly depraved sexual indoctrination that takes place in public schools. Coercively degenerate bureaucrats want to close this avenue of escape. (Moonbattery)


Its like giving a kid the keys to the candy store:

THE gay fathers of a six-year-old Australian boy have been arrested in Los Angeles after being indicted on child sexual exploitation charges relating to their own son.   (Bolt)

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UPDATE: VICTORIA Cross winner Ben Roberts-Smith would have every right to think that his enemies are in Afghanistan and that his friends reside in Australia.

Yesterday showed he is wrong.

Television host Yumi Stynes led a chorus of disrespectful ridicule aimed at the Victoria Cross recipient on Channel 10’s The Circle.

Stynes insinuated that the war hero is stupid as she discussed a swimming pool photo of Roberts-Smith.

“He’s going to dive down to the bottom of the pool to see if his brain is there,” Stynes sneered.

Veteran journalist George Negus rubbed salt into the wound by questioning Roberts-Smith’s manhood – whether he is “up to it in the sack”.

These were gutless comments aimed at our most highly decorated serving member of the Australian Defence Force.

Let’s ask how Stynes or Negus would act if they found themselves under sustained machine gun and rocket propelled grenade attack in the Kandahar Province.

My bet is that they would run for the hills.

(He can’t run and she would enjoy the ride, like Yvonne Ridley…)

Roberts-Smith put his own life on the line until his patrol could capture and destroy the enemy positions.

Aussies have rightly vented their feelings on The Circle’s Facebook page, labelling Stynes and Negus’ antics disgusting.

Some are calling for Ten to dump The Circle or for advertisers to quit the show.

The daytime show can ill-afford to have its hosts making deeply insulting comments about one of Australia’s true heroes.

It too, is at war, and it is bleeding heavily.

The show has slumped in the ratings over the past month as it battles Seven’s The Morning Show and Nine’s new Mornings.

The cowardly comments by Stynes and Negus will ensure The Circle keeps on facing a losing battle.

4 thoughts on “The Enemy Among Us”

  1. Hey,Sheik,didn’t you bestow some kind of Dhimmi of the year award on Negus a couple years back? I cannot think of another TV journalist who acts so morally superior and at the same time is so deluded as to not see what a craven,clueless pc dick-wad he really is – in short:a moron.
    As for Yumi Stynes,she should probably stick to the hot topics like Britney’s new haircut and leave her vacuous comments on politics and military achievement to those who look for their brain at the bottom of a pool.

  2. Ben Roberts-Smith is an Australian hero in every sense of the word. We so easily attach the term hero to sportspeople due to there athletic abilites or anyone who does a good deed, but Ben puts these people to shame.

    His actions in Afghanistan, and the way he has conducted his life both before and after his actions were recognised with the awarding of the Victoria Cross are beyond reproach and in a hundred years will still be talked about with awe and respect, but nobody will rememember Yumi Stynes or George Neagus.

    Perhaps Yumi should be sent to train with the SAS for a week or so and see for herself what it takes to be a member of the SAS. See the absolute dedication to the job, country and to eachother that these guys have.

    As for George Negus, he really should be sacked for how low he took the need for a laugh. Questioning Ben’s prowess in bed was even too low for gutter journalism. The fact that his children were conceived through IVF would have been a tough enough process to go through for Ben and his wife, then to have Negus making a joke out of it was disgusting.

    l would urge any Australians who watch The Circle, switch it off and boycott any business who still advertises during that program.

  3. So, what Stynes apology was really saying is: blah, blah, blah. Poor me.
    blah, blah, blah, Poor me.

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