Burqini – Word of the Year

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Burqini set to be named Australia’s Word of the Year

Our muselmanic cultural enrichers also recommend another word for the dictionary:  guy liner – look it up!

 The Burqini and those who wear it are about as useless as a jukebox under water. Originally invented and paid for by the Howard government squandering taxpayer money, it was sold to Australia’s unsuspecting public as yet another all-inclusive-outreach PR stunt. The idea that muselmanic females can do the job of life savers is preposterous. There has never been a case where a burqini clad female saved an infidel and we never heard one of the Islamic clerics say that it is halal to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with an infidel.

In other news:

Dutch Dimbulb Calls For Protest Against Burqa– by Wearing One

Dutch Green Red  Councillor Karin Dekker  has called for a protest against the ban on the burqa. She urges all women to participate, to either buy or make a burka and defy  the law by wearing them.

Taxpayers to foot the bill for Muselmanic segregation 

Monash Council has approved the extra cash, bringing the cost of the curtains to more than $66,000. Islamic Council of Victoria spokesman Nazeem Hussain said: “The purchase of these curtains, and whether they are too expensive, is a decision for the councillors to make, and if the constituents aren’t happy … they are able to object.”

Australian taxpayers should never be forced to pay for muselmaniacs…..

3 thoughts on “Burqini – Word of the Year”

  1. As a Monash resident, I can assure you there was huge controversy and many objections to this waste of ratepayer money. Council chose to ignore it.

    Many are waiting for Council elections later this year to show their dissatisfaction.

  2. Aussiegirl,
    I suggest that you folks need to look very carefully at the elections, because the muslim slime with their left wing appeasers WILL try to fix the elections. I think people need to make it very clear to the council that they are out -and do it now – a massive public sway against the council now, held till the end of the elections, will make it very difficult for the bastards to fix the elections and , if the result is odd, the police can be brought in.

  3. The whole aim is to set some sort of superior image – the covered Islamic women versus the western woman – but it is a false one.

    In the Islamic world – whether a woman is married with children or a prostitute – conducting her trade on the streets – they all wear the same clothes. The very same headscarf and long gown.

    So that to distinguish yourself from a prostitute in the Islamic world becomes more fine tuned.

    So if you have a job [or are educated] or are doing something which is outside of the narrow parameters of what the average Islamic woman is allowed to do – and if you are not wealthy [people who live under different rules, because of the extreme divides between rich and poor] a Muslim woman must go out of her way to demonstrate that she is not a prostitute.

    And this is what this is all about, even though they are wearing the burqini – they must then take an extra step to demonstrate that they are not prostitutes.

    One case in Holland, were women wearing the burquinis asked that all men leave the pool when they swam. as the men could see their ‘wrist and ankles’ !!

    The aim is that one day, westerners will be willing turn back the clock, and women will be judged in this same order.

    Its more a parade than anything. But in the Islamic world, there would be Islamic religious police to enforce this. Something that would be in violation of all that we say we believe.

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