Fartwa: when is it permissible for a woman to drive a car?

This is the one Carnitha’s been waiting for:

Driving for sisters will not be permissible for leisure and going around unnecessarily.

If a woman drives a car for necessity, than it will be compulsory that she abides by and considers all the regulations regarding hijab and veiling. There should be no unveiling and display in any form.

Darul Ifta of Madresa Ashraful Uloom
Darul Iftaa of CCMT
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2 thoughts on “Fartwa: when is it permissible for a woman to drive a car?”

  1. Why women shouldn’t be allowed to drive?
    Let’s get it from the horse’s mouth.

  2. The muslim guy wants the police to call a female officer. Yes that would be special treatment. The police in America don’t have time to go around kissing everybody’s ass. Probably not down under either. she puts islam in a bad light he says?? ISLAM puts islam in a bad light everyday and everywhere

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