Islamic "Presence Felt" in Canada

Syed’s got a brand-new bag mosque:

Landmark Mosque Opens in Downtown Calgary

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – The Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Centre, in the northeast neighbourhood of Falconridge, will be moving to a new location right in the heart of the city.

Iman Syed Soharwardy says the opening marks a great day for Islam in Calgary, and Canada as a whole, as “presence” can now be felt in the larger community.  The drivel remains the same, wherever the headbangers are:   “Qur’an misinterpreted, just like Bible…”

More of evil’s “presence” at ABNA thanks to Mullah. Btw: did anyone ever check Syed’s credentials and academic qualifications?

100 % Islamic

Canadian confusion over honor killings

The Toronto Star wants to know if the murders were honour killings or domestic violence. See “Were Shafia murders ‘honour killings’ or domestic violence? Toronto Star, January 30, 2012.  Read more>>>

National Secular Organization Calls on Government to Remove Canadian Blasphemy Law

Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom Should Protect Arrested Indonesian Atheist

The CSA also calls on the Canadian government to repeal Canada’s blasphemy law. “Though essentially never used, keeping a victimless crime like blasphemy part of the Criminal Code is inconsistent with Canada’s mandate to promote freedom of religion around the globe,” said Trottier. “Additionally, our own law may be called upon by states like Indonesia as justification for their human rights abuses.” (source)

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  1. I live in Calgary and im furious. This has better not be near my work at least. I already see enough muselmaniacs in the area.

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