Racist News

Free Obama Whiskey:

Sacking Holder for Incompetence Would Be ‘Racist’

Holders Alternative Universe: “I deserve credit”

He deserves to be shot with his own guns from ‘Fast & Furious’.

Holder refuses to answer questions:

‘You Guys Need to Stop This … You Guys Are Behind This’

Chicago Jesus


Muppets Gone Bad

The rot that took root as a result of their association with PBS is in full flower now. At least the Muppets have dropped the stealth: (Moonbattery)

 Supreme Court Judge Doesn’t Believe in U.S. Constitution

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “I would not look to the US constitution”

An excellent example of why this country is doomed. We have allowed perverts, degenerates and radical leftist idiots to take up positions of power in this country. Once you teach people to vote for free stuff you are screwed.


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  1. As part of the procedure taking her seat in the SC, did this Leftard have to take an oath to defend the US constitution? If so, has she broken her oath and thus be de-robed, or at the very least brought before Congress?

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