KRudd's White Guilt

Andrew Bolt

Utterly absurd:

Rudd’s statue: is it because we are “white”?

Australian Taxpayers will pay about $150,000 towards a New York memorial to the slave trade as part of Kevin Rudd’s bid for a United Nations seat. 
In the latest example of lavish spending to win votes from Caribbean and African countries, about $70,000 was quietly pledged in December towards the memorial, to be built at the UN’s headquarters.

To make it worse and more cringeing, we’re among the few who think this self-abasing fawning is worth donating to:

But while Mr Rudd has generously funded the slave trade memorial, there are real fears the idea will remain on the drawing board, with less than 25 per cent of the required funding so far being pledged by global powers.

And this excuse simply exposes how craven the whole exercise is:

Gary Quinlan, a former adviser to Mr Rudd, told the UN in December that Australia would provide about a further $70,000 after pledging $83,000 in 2010.

“We need to recognise the dark side of our own history and bring it into the light,” Australia’s Ambassador to the UN said.

“Our own history”?  Pardon?

5 thoughts on “KRudd's White Guilt”

  1. In reply to your rhetorical question,Dinodigs:
    About as much as the Turks will be contributing in reparations to the Armenians.
    Rudd and Gillard truly make me sick to the pit of my stomach.
    They both need sacking immediately.It’s just a pity that old short Billy Shorten’s mother in law is the Governor General.They are like arseholes who won’t leave a party after ten million hints.

  2. Ah, incestous Labor Kochie.

    One good piece of news- Canberra’s real estate market has tripled houses for auction this year.

    Looks like the public servants are bailing out before the next election (hopefully soon)

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