Muslim Brother "Martin" Bashir Strongly Defends Obama, Viciously Attacks Christians

For Bashir to defend his Muslim brother is a religious obligation

Bashir is even more hysterical than Tingles in his infatuation with the Obamessiah…..

Newt’s An Adulterer, Rick’s A Hypocrite: MSNBC Host Attacks Theologian Who Refuses To Say Obama Is Christian

MSNBC’s “Martin” (Muhammad)   Bashir viciously attacked his guest, a Baptist theologian who had testified before congress about Obama’s contraception mandate. Dr. Craig Mitchell was forced to try and defend everything from birthers to the history of American political discourse during the un-hinged Bashir smack down.

In other news:

Time: Catholic Bishops Should Go to Jail If They Want to Protest Obamacare Mandates

  • That’s the way liberals say “put up or shut up.”But wait: there’s more! Of course, these Bishops are Christians. Muslims in America are exempt from the requirement to purchase health insurance under the individual mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

5 thoughts on “Muslim Brother "Martin" Bashir Strongly Defends Obama, Viciously Attacks Christians”

  1. What a shame that they did not ask me the same question:

    “Yes sir, I fear that I must suspect him of being a man of faith – although I voted for him believing him to be, if not actually an atheist, then at least a committed secularist.
    I am deeply disappointed.

    It would appear that he believes mythology and superstition to be more important than the American Constitution; why else would he censor free-speech and appologise for burning damaged, old books belonging to the military?

  2. It’s oh-too-obvious what you’re peddling here. You’re adding more fuel to the ignorant hate-filled monologue that passes for discourse – i don’t care if you do try to cover it as satire. It’s pathetic. Why don’t you go out into the world and meet real people, of different faiths and beliefs? What’s wrong with the world today is the hatred fanned by the ignorant and extreme of both sides. We are all members of the human race. We all have a beautiful, godlike nature within us – we Buddhists call it our Buddha nature. We can choose to live in the lower worlds and wallow, fanning hate and violence, or we can add to the positive sum of human life. People with these beliefs have no idea that there are tremendous human beings of every faith or no faith; one such person was a man called Badsha Khan, who some call the Muslim Gandhi. He was a tall, imposing man from a violent feudal tribe who was on a mission to kill Gandhi. When he arrived at Gandhi’s door, and saw the actual man, totally open and full of love, he fell to his feet. From that time on, he became Gandhi’s follower. He raised an army of non-violent men (and believe me, non-violence in the face of evil is very courageous) and was able to oppose the British occupation peacefully so that they left. He did not believe in the veil for women; he believed that women should be educated. For him, the Prophet was all about love. If you open your eyes to that which is good in the world, instead of swimming in hate and paranoia, I guarantee you’ll be a loot happier. And the more people who raise their consckiousness this way, the more it affects our human destiny.

    1. You’re such a sweetheart, Glenda!

      Fairytales from the days of the Jew-hatin’ Gandhi will save us from jihad and sharia?

      Good one, that!

  3. O virtuous Glenda, we’re blinded by your righteousness.

    People like you claim to love everyone, and claim you are open to the
    multiplicity of perspectives, but the reality is, those perspectives have to fit in kosher with your naive ideology or you shut other people down.

    Who are you to invalidate another person’s life experience? Let alone make presumptions about strangers or what they have experienced with people of other cultures and religions.

    So you found Buddha? Now you get to bore the rest of the world with your moral proselytizing. The British writer, Christopher Hart, succinctly summed up Buddhism as a”distinctive mix of cowardice, escapism and self-absorption” and he was right

    Clearly, the flow of your streaming consciousness was
    lost on you or you wouldn’t have posted such a hypocritical diatribe.

    Personally, if you are going to quote words of wisdom, I prefer the Romans: Si vis pacem, para bellum or “If you wish for peace, prepare for war.”

    1. Glenda never went to Afghanistan to see what’s left of the Bhamian Buddhas (and the Buddhists who once lived there). Glenda never went to Northern India to see what’s left of the Buddhist temples there, because when Islam moves in, everything else goes down the craphole of history. Glenda doesn’t know or doesn’t care about the thousands of Buddhists in southern Thailand who have been murdered, Glenda doesn’t know and doesn’t care about the hundreds of Buddhist schools and temples that have been blown up or burned to the ground and the daily horror, the daily terror against the peaceful Buddhists there.

      Glenda doesn’t know about the Borobudur, a magnificent reminder of the great Buddhist empire Indonesia once was, too big (like the pyramids) too destroy, even for the soldiers of allah.

      For Glenda, ignorance is bliss. She is dumb, blind and deaf and she likes it that way. Her problem is that we are not like her. We care about our culture and civilisation, and Glenda calls that “hate”.

      Today, thanks to cultural Marxism and organised dumbing down in our schools the western world is turning into Glendastan.

      May the burqa rest lightly on your shoulders, Glenda. Have you been infibulated yet?

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