While Obama Parties On….

At the Obamster White House, the Party Never Stops

While Obama joins Mick Jagger & BB King to sing “Sweet Home Chicago” our generals in Afghanistan bow and scrape, apologize profusely, foreign embassy staffers and NGO’s are hauled up in their compounds and our military will  have to undergo “sensitivity training” when handling  the Koran.

What really happened:

Incarcerated terrorists were passing messages in Korans, so the Korans were destroyed. Muslim savages rioted, as they will do on the slightest pretext because it is an infallible technique for intimidating cowards.

The groveling regrets went all the way up to the White House.  Funny, I don’t remember any apologies from the military when Bibles were burned, not for carrying terrorist messages but for being Bibles. (Moonbattery)


In  Iran a court convicts Christian pastor convert to death 

Pamela has more:

 A trial court in Iran has issued its final verdict, ordering a Christian pastor to be put to death for leaving Islam and converting to Christianity, according to sources close to the pastor and his legal team. (Source)

Daisy is sooo happy!

Iran sentences Christian pastor who converted from Islam to death for apostasy (JW)

The latest from Afghanistan is that “the Zionists” are behind the Koran burning

“The action of the foreign troops is a new crime that reveals U.S.-Zionist desecration of Islamic sanctities and ridicules the feelings of more than one billion Muslims.”

There is no word about Kashgari,  the Saudi tweeter who faces death

A couple of columnists are trying to keep the Hamza Kashgari story alive, but it is hard – because he has effectively disappeared in Saudi prison.

Peter Worthington in the Toronto Sun via the Elder: Saudi tweeter  faces death

Israel will Destroy Iran’s Nuclear Program Within Month’s — the clock is ticking

 Like clockwork:

3 thoughts on “While Obama Parties On….”

  1. What Daisy meant to say was:”This is what happens when a complete idiot experiences islam”.

    Because we all know you have to be brain dead to volunteer to convert to this hateful ideology.

  2. Is that Jeff Beck in the far left of that idiot presidential love-in photo?
    I’m really starting to hate that guy.Talent through the roof but you just know he would be an absolute prick if you ever met him.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if he reverted.

  3. I think he *wouldn’t * be an absolute prick if you met him and that’s why so many people are taken in by his lies and dazzled by his empty rhetoric. That’s why he’s still strutting around unscathed, while for example *unlikeable* Nixon was taken down as soon as they had enough ammunition. There is now enough proof that Obama is actively working against his own country to get him booted out of office, but because he has the total support of the new establishment, lefties, who think he’s a ‘nice guy’, they will do anything to enable him to keep pulling the wool down over their eyes.

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