New words for your vocabulary!

“Xenoracism”-  means that Canadians force muselmaniacs to become terrorists!

Thanks to BCF!

 Invented by Andy Knight, chair of the University of Alberta’s department of political science and a member of the board of the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies.

“Immigrants come to Canada for a better life and they are not given jobs, they’re previous credentials are not recognized, their religions are looked down upon,” he said, adding many become bitter and harbour animosity towards Canadian government.

“It can make someone feel unwanted, it can make them feel estranged from Canadian society and it can perhaps lead people to radicalism.”

I’d say Andy Knight doesn’t know wtf he is talking about!


You might find this not so rare species among Koranimals, Rage-boyz, Muselmaniacs, Tallibandits, Mujaheddin, soldiers of allah, head-choppers, thieves, rapists, assassins,  jihadists and all kinds of  Islamic terrorists that are enriching us culturally on a daily base…..

Feel free to add your own favorite cultural enrichers, here…

A great example of a fully grown Allahgator you can find here, thanks to Ezra Levant:

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  1. SheetHead:
    It is that thingy wrapped around ones head. We don’t dare call them a RagHead, or DiaperHead, so we should call them what they are because of the little sheets that wrapped around their head.

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