"Spying on Muslims"– Appropriate and Constitutional

Why the hell did it take him that long to do the right thing? This ultra-liberal dhimmi is an ongoing embarrassment:

Mayor Bloomberg  (finally!) defends NYPD spying on Muslims calling it legal, appropriate and constitutional

‘We don’t target individuals based on race or religion. We follow leads’ Bloomberg said.

Mayor Bloomberg went to bat Friday for the embattled NYPD, vigorously defending the police department’s spying on Muslims in the city — and across the river in Newark — as necessary in a post 9/11 world.   —Read more:

Krispy Kreme Christie Defends the Koranimals

Gov. Chris Christie, once New Jersey’s top federal law enforcement official, called the surveillance “disturbing” and said Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa was already looking into the reports.

Comedy Gold: Mohammedans Reading Police Reports

NYPD conducted similar operations in Suffolk and Nassau counties on suburban Long Island, according to police records. The NYPD frequently operates outside its jurisdiction without telling federal or local officials.

The report left Newark Muslims grasping for explanations as they saw pictures of their mosques and businesses in police files.

“All of these are innocent people,” Nagiba el-Sioufi of Newark said recently while her husband, Mohammed, flipped through the NYPD report.


2 thoughts on “"Spying on Muslims"– Appropriate and Constitutional”

  1. “All of these are innocent people,” Nagiba el-Sioufi of Newark said”

    Well, according to the filthy koranimals, they’re innocent b/c they’re on jihad.

    Nuff said.

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