Denial of Service Attack!

Sorry folks, but the adherents of the Religion of Peaceare desperately trying to shut us down. So far our service providers were remarkably  attack-resistant and kept us safe, but this latest attempt to take the site down was massive.

We were down for 2 days, but not out. The jihad continues, and so will we.

Stay tuned!

So what else is new from the Religion of Peacenix?

The Real Scandal Behind the NYPD Surveillance (Algemeiner)

The NYPD is under fire for “spying” on a Muslim student group, but it is the group itself that should be of far greater concern.

Quran Burning and Double Standards (FrontPage Magazine)

“To let someone behave according to one set of principles or standards while demanding that you be subjected to others is to validate a claim of superiority that justifies disproportionate and unjust behavior.”

13 thoughts on “Denial of Service Attack!”

  1. I thought something was up! I imagined it to be my computer or service provider but everything else worked – except BNI!
    I still can’t access her channel.She only just got started up again.

  2. Perhaps what we need to do is flood the pakis and afghan mail addresses with pictures of korans burning…or better yet, send those pictures from one mosque to another in the mail….

  3. It appears that the only ones who are allowed to say anything on the internet are the Muslims, the appeasers and their monkey trainers.

  4. Between the Islamaniacs and Obamanites,it’s a wonder this site is still running. Keep the Faith, Sheik.

  5. Figured it was a dos attack, bare naked islam was attacked too. I wonder if they realise that by attacking like this, they show the world that they have been exposed, you know your pretty spot on when the dos attacks start.

    Keep up the good work Shiek!!!

    The Infidel

  6. I thought it had to be a Denial of Service… good for you, Sheik. Isn’t there some legal avenue you can take to get these DoS people fined or imprisoned. They are really scared of the truth about their Death Cult, aren’t they? But it’s impossible to reason with retarded (breeding of second cousins produces this) and brain-washed psychopaths, so it’s a sorry mess. I hope the west wakes up soon to the dangers of the islamic caliphate.

  7. It is information, or rather a general knowledge, about the pathetic behavior of islamists that these hackers are trying to suppress. Here is another incident, most likely from the RoP, and very definitely non.-Australian, that occurred on the streets of one of our capital cities recently.

    It is amusing that the islamists cannot offer one intelligent word that justifies either islam or their behavior, so like the cowards they are they seek to silence all adverse comment. More proof that ISLAMISTS HAVE NO PLACE IN TODAYS WORLD.

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