Sweden: Anti-Semitism Strong, Resistance to Islam (Almost) Non Existent

Media Blackout on Immigration Muslim Invasion

 “We have no knowledge at all about who is entering the country. The great majority come without any identification papers and present the immigration authorities with cooked-up stories.  Many anonymous members of the immigration service are well aware of what is going on. Yet nothing is done.”

90% of the population agree that the Swedish media are not telling the truth about immigration and its consequences.   Read more »

Deliberate Confusion: The Left is Always Right, Opposition is Demonized as “Far Right”

Taking the Far Right Seriously

Thanks to  KGS from TT

The imbecile mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu is solely responsible for the state of his city, pandering to Muslims, closing his eyes to their rabid anti-Semitism, naked power grabbing in the streets of the city. This is what happens when politicians bank on naked pandering to thugs and redistribution of wealth in exchange for votes. Reepalu and the Social Democrats own this situation, lock, stock and barrel.

Malmö mayor in non-violence plea to residents

The Local: Politicians in Malmö are planning to write open letters to the community in a plea to help curb crime, a tactic which has already proven successful with local police. “To those who have heard or seen anything in these different crimes, be sure you come forward as soon as possible to police and others,” the letter will say, the Social Democrat mayor of Malmö, Ilmar Reepalu, told Sveriges Radio (SR).

Reepalu wants to follow in the footsteps of the local police, whose letters to residents have sparked a strong reaction from the public in the last month, resulting in more tips and showing that residents are eager to help quash crime and solve the city’s escalating problems with violence

The police have received numerous tips, including help from people who are members of criminal gangs. “We have seen a strong change in society. People want to help and contribute with as much information as possible,” said Mikael Mattsson of the Malmö police to the TT news agency.

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