UK: "Asians" Hard at Work

The World Must Laugh at the UK (Daily Mail)

Britain bends over backward to accommodate those who openly seek its destruction.

It gets worse by the day:

The BBC has told its journalists not to call Abu Qatada, the al-Qaeda preacher, an “extremist”.

… and don’t call him an “extremist” either, because that makes you a racist bigot Islamophobe. But not to worry, you are still allowed to call them “radicals…”
Dhimmitude on Steroids:

“Asians” Attack:

A brutal attack on an innocent teenager who could lose the sight in one eye is being treated as a racially motivated hate crime, police said today.

Hyde gang attack on 17-year-old Daniel Stringer-Prince ‘treated as race hate crime’ by police

From Menmedia via Vlad Tepes:

Parts of England are being made into no-go zones, media will not or cannot say by who

 No-go zones:

And some interesting flight locations and frequencies here from Manchester to the places where the people there likely still belong.