The Horrific Muslim Infestation Of Britain — Luton, 2012

H/T Schnellman / video via Living Scoop

The clownish reporting twit in her bright orange outfit is beyond clueless and dances around blathering about “extremism” and “tiny minority”…. then one of the black boyz sticks a finger in her face. She asks another one ‘doesn’t Islam want you to respect the law of the land you’re living in” only to be told “No it doesn’t”, which is refreshing and truthful……

Britain Launches War on Multiculturalism

by Soeren Kern/Stonegate Institute

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  1. I keep wondering, WHY, are Islamists, Muslims always refered to under a “religious” title?. Formed by a dedicated warrior (Mohamad) and copied after bonified religions (Christian & Hebrew
    6hundred years after Christs death, there seems to be an understanding foisted upon those who tolerate Muslims that Islam
    is older than God and the only true RELIGION
    Am I doing the correct thing to advise others, that refer to this CULT as a religion, wrong ?

  2. “The British government has unveiled a new “integration strategy” designed to “champion a united British identity.””

    Too little, too late?
    The video was good – I think the protest was a real eye-opener for the young woman. No wonder she was brought to tears.

  3. Let people get exposed to the reality. A lot of my conversations with muslims used to leave me unsettled. I realised that how the mainstream population was being encouraged to view multiculturalism and how the muslim population viewed it were completely different.

    Speak out and you are racist, intolerant, a redneck, a bigot. I often feel that we are being forced to be naive. There is so much pressure to be tolerant that trying to examine the truth can be tricky when you are going to be judged if the conclusion you reach is not gushing with positive observations.

  4. Reporting the extremist, the dress code has to be changed religion cannot be used as an excuse for hiding their Identity, no women or man shall ever cover their face under any circumstances if we do not know who we are talking to it is a threat to society

    max is 100% right it is a wonderful Question, WHY, are Islamists, Muslims always referred to under a “religious” title?. Formed by a dedicated warrior (Mohamad Dictator) and copied after bonified religions (Christian & Hebrew) six hundred years after Christ’s death, there seems to be an understanding foisted upon those who tolerate Muslims that Islam, is older than God (Un-True) and the only true RELIGION Am I doing the correct thing to advise others, that refer to this CULT as a religion, wrong ? The reason they were tolerates was they would put the fear of God into people when they went out on binge’s burning homes, raping women, stealing livestock, and wiping out (KILLING) whole families, Stoning children who did not abide by their parent ritual rights of selling their daughter to old men and expecting the child of 13 or 14 to marry some old man taking all rights away from women, This is what Islam is, nothing more, You don’t hear of Christians doing this or Hebrews only Islam, a CULT which exist through the making up of a way of a person or group of persons who want to live a radical life, This CULT is written in such a way that it gives permission for Muslims to shun a person or group at will because they want what they have or cannot compete which makes it a threat to their existence,
    If Muslims want to get along in today’s society they have to change their ways, Let them Prove they are worthy of being in a free country let them report to the proper authorities each person or group of persons which are extreamest, Muslims don’t like the truth they hide from it they cannot look reality in the face because they live in a circle of Hate, Yes you may be good to your families, when your in public you talk down to everyone else, let me tell you, you are not better you are really the bottom of the barrel, If I was a Muslim I would be changing my Life and ways, if you want to live this way why look for asylum just go back to your own country and stay there, but you cannot, Yes, Because you cannot get along with your own Kind, Yes you want to live in the reality of real people it is time for a change from a CULT to Possibly a real religion, another thing, there are laws, people do not have to hear your calling to prayer, it is time to grow up I do not need to hear your screaming it is time for prays, as I will say mine as a Catholic when it is time and when I have the time, I am a solder of God and I respect that and Love that too,
    Personally you have not seen the raft of God till the Christians come together and Mount a real cleansing Meaning that too could be coming, Personally I have no fear in dying and look forward to it and it would be an honor defending Jesus, and God My Father, but you will not see me or anyone I know stealing or killing or raping, Remember History when Spain the queen and King took out most all Muslims, except the few hiding and living in the caves in the desert escaped that persecution, this was done back then because of the ways of Muslims, you would believe that if it happened back then there was something wrong,
    Remember one thing, History always repeates itself, meaning it is coming again, it is just a matter of time, so to stop this it really is easy, why don’t the good Muslims, as you say, step up to the plate and turn in all the radical extremist, This way we can live in Peace and harmony, You know throughout America and the UK the reporting system or the Block watchers is what made us peaceful it is that simple, it is time your all Muslims to clean their own homes and not be afraid to show who and what you are, this is a Peaceful community, we are a People that enjoy peace and tranquility,
    There is an Old saying, If you wake up the sleeping Giant you will all pay the price no matter where you live, so far we have tolerated your extremist past, but there are Limits to that too
    Personally I have known only 2 Muslim women and both were the same, Snobs who believed their Poo did not smell and don’t contradict them as they will jump all over you.
    So two experiences were more then enough for me.
    One more thing, when you walk into my church and you have a discussion don’t ever attempt to bring your Ala up to and above God the Father as your false god is just that! Born from a CULT the center of a CULT and Exist in and for the CULT!
    It is time to awaken from your illusion that you are in a religion as it is NOT so don’t even cross the line, Thou shall not Idle false Gods, Remember that!

  5. You don’t even have to speak out, Honey. A month or 2 ago I was at the Brisbane ITSA office and was talking to someone on the front counter and she mentioned a person’s name (someone with whom I spoken to on previous occasion) and when I asked if he ‘was the Sri Lankan bloke’ she went immediately on the defensive. I wasn’r offensive about it, I politely asked. But you’re not allowed to observe another person’s nationality. Next time I go there and I want to visually identify this woman (who got upset with me), I think I’ll describe her as ‘that stupid blonde slut’. That’ll give them something to go on the defensive about, I reckon…

  6. One stupid white girl wakes up … better than nothing, I guess. She’s lucky they didn’t rape and kill her right there on camera. Wow, face to face to Anjem Choudary and she didn’t have a .45 … sad, sad, sad.

  7. Cry hard, little white girl, the civilization that bred attractive, intelligent women like you is crumbling and unless your generation wakes up, you will live under Islamic insanity all your life. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll become a big voice for sanity and Western civilization eventually. Brave video, though. However, don’t expose yourself to savages like you just did. Eventually, they’ll kill you in public and they will brag and scream about it and the dhimmi West will blame you for inciting them and do nothing. If you’re going to be brave, learn how to protect yourself in armed and unarmed combat. Don’t be nothing but another Islamic violence statistic.

  8. Rossco, I believe that we have to stop rewarding hyper-tolerance. Hyper-tolerance is like a disease that afflicts so many people.

    It is like walking on eggshells where you have to scan every word that you utter and delay your response to any conversation with a minority or about a minority, and ensure nothing you are about to say can be deemed ‘offensive’.

    I’m surprised that things I wouldn’t dare say, minorities say without a second thought and don’t even realise how racist they are being.

    I once had a Pakistani women who was a work colleague explain to me in detail how white Australian women made terrible wives. The same person later got offended that I bought a cake into the office for staff farewell function that ‘smelt’ of alcohol, but didn’t have alcohol as an ingredient on the pack, because she was a muslim and couldn’t drink alcohol and she was excluded (cry me a river, whatever happened to majority rule?).

  9. For immigrants to qualify to live in Britain, first of all they must be human. Which rules out at least one and a half billion freaks spawned by satan!!!

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