BBC, Sky News silent over Hamas beating their reporters at mass wedding

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From the Elder:

BBC, Sky News silent over Hamas beating their reporters

From the International Press Institute, in a story I noted Thursday:

The Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate has reported that three journalists reporting on a mass wedding of 500 couples in Gaza City were attacked.The mass wedding was organised by local charities in conjunction with Hamas, according to Ramallah-based Maan News.Hamas thugs  really don’t like it when pictures of their six-year old brides make the news in donor countries…..


“Marriage is the same as jihad,” or holy war, said Muhammad Yousef, one recently married member of the Qassam Brigades. “With marriage, you are producing another generation that believes in resistance.”

The night before the mass wedding party, Yousef said, his wife shared with him her ultimate wish: to carry out a joint suicide attack against Israel.

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Notice how the Muslim doesn’t deny that Islam allows you to marry a baby girl, it just tells you not to have intercourse until the girl reaches puberty. But touching all her private parts is just fine and dandy….(BNI)

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