Norway's Quislings Are Quick With the Jiziya

First, the good news:

“Stop Islamisation of Norway” (SIAN) has doubled membership levels in the last two years”

We have a duty to to protect our children against the terrible, evil forces of Islam’

Bruce Bawer

Fjordman Reviews Bruce Bawer’s Book (GoV)

Norway’s government is  quick to declare its submission to  the MB, following the revolution…

Norwegian officials offer a number of collaborative initiatives to benefit Egypt  (Ikhwanweb)

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Deputy Chairman Khairat Al-Shater, met with Norway’s Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store and Norwegian Ambassador to Egypt Tor Wennesland at the Brotherhood’s headquarters, on Wednesday morning, along with an accompanying delegation…. Poster Rod Dogg  has more below the fold.

“A Bad Wind Blows From Norway…”  by Bat Ye’or

So who invented Eurabia? Judge it yourself! Read more »

Europe’s worst anti-semite, Quisling Gahr Store (foreign minister, Norway) – praised the muslim brotherhood for their anti-west activity. And the quisling travelled to Egypt to eat their crap. Last year the terror puppet stood by Israel’s defensive wall and demanded that it be torn down immediately so that local ikhwan terrorists could return to porous border terrorism.

The quisling is engineering prosecutions of anyone who – out of their control – was “friended” by the murderer, Anders Breivik. Further, the quisling railroaded mental health statute detainment of Breivik so that he couldn’t attack the quisling’s partnership with islamonazism. At next month’s trial, Breivik – who acted out of both contempt for his Socialist Party father, while using real anti shariah grievances to prop same – will be silenced under the pretext of a concocted inability to denounce the islamization of Norway. Further, the quisling plans to use the show trial to attack objective critics like Pam Geller and Spencer. Evidence of any cause of real resentment to the quisling’s neo-Hitler/al-Hussanyi alliance, will be suppressed. The trial will be used to denounce those who speak up against islam’s 1400 year Genocide war against Western Civilization.

Muslim Occupied Norway = forward base for Euro shariah perversity.