Breaking the cross

Islam’s Tradition of Breaking the Cross


 UK: Christians do not have a right to wear a cross or crucifix openly at work?

In a highly significant move, ministers will fight a case at the European Court of Human Rights in which two British women will seek to establish their right to display the cross.

The Telegraph via Vlad Tepes

The Christian women bringing the case, Nadia Eweida and Shirley Chaplin, claim that they were discriminated against when their employers barred them from wearing the symbols.

They want the European Court to rule that this breached their human right to manifest their religion. Continue reading →

Indonesian Red Cross does not give in to Islamist, cross remains in logo

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – The Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia or PMI in Indonesian) will never change the traditional logo that has made it famous around the world. The statement came following criticism from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), an Islamist party that says that the symbol of a red cross is too easily identifiable with Christian culture and traditions. Red Cross volunteers and activists reject the claim, saying that any changes to the logo are tantamount to giving in to the extremists. For former Vice President Jusuf Kalla, the demand is baseless.

Isa, the Muslim Jesus

‘Muslims believe Jesus will come back, break the cross and lead the war against the kaffirs’-

There’s more: Jesus will come back, break the cross, kill the swine and abolish the jiziyah.

The swine, that’s us folks, just in case you’re wondering.

The killing of the swine is so that the “Christian belief of its lawfulness is belied.” The reason for abolishing the jizyah tax (the compulsory poll-tax that non-Muslims must pay in order to live in a Muslim land) is based on the idea that when Jesus returns, the jizyah tax will no longer be accepted. The only choice that Christians will have is to accept Islam or die. There’s more, there’s always more….

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3 thoughts on “Breaking the cross”

  1. * ‘Muslims believe Jesus will come back, break the cross and lead the war against the kaffirs’-

    muslims are in for an unpleasant surprise. Jesus warned that false christs and false prophets would arise and deceive many (Matthew 24:24, Mark 13:22). muslims would do well to heed His warning.

  2. Some newsreaders and commentators on Sydney’s conservative radio station 2gb referred to this outrage in the usual Islam apologist mode of ” small number of extremists”
    “angry youths(yoots)” “angry gangs of youths”

    Nothing to see here move along… Muslims, what? Muslims here ? Oh no not here,have you forgotten? Islam means Peace.

  3. if your a christian and want to wear a cross wear it . dont let anyone tell you otherwise. as far as australian media dumbing down our muslim problem its a discrace. its so bad here its not worth reading newspapers or watching the television. the only way of knowing the truth is through web sites like this. censorship is rife. thank god for winds of jihad.

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