Diversion & Distraction From Fluke to Kony. Who is Inflicting This Nonsense On Us?

This is a worse beat-up than the raid on the “Hutaree Militia,” a bunch of hicks dobbed in by a Muslim rat.

IN some jungle in Africa, a mass-murderer called Kony is shattered. A few million people on Facebook have unfriended him.

And millions who’d never heard of Joseph Kony can relax, having advertised their goodness by clicking the share button on YouTube.

The “invisible children” in the film are just that: invisible.  Just relax and stop the “keyboard compassion”.

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by Aaron Lewis/Dateline

“From global warming in Antarctica to jungle warfare in the Amazon, Aaron isn’t afraid to tackle the big issues.”

Yep. The “big issues”. Globull worming, free contraception for a middle aged university slut-come activist  and a warlord who hasn’t been heard of for 6 years! The enemedia is nothing but a propaganda machine for big government  distracting us from the real issues.

The Blaze‘s Will Cain Confronts Sandra Fluke and Her ’Logic’ on CNN

Mindless drones.WARNING! Watching This Video Will Lower Your I.Q.

 “…no one is attempting to ban contraception or limit access and make it illegal for women to have this!”–Soledad O’Brien then accuses Cain of “flawed argument”

“If he were here today he would be standing up for Sandra Fluke”

Fluke rhymes with …?

“Have you no sense of decency?” —

Harvard’s Law Professor  race huckstering affirmative action negro Derrick Bell’s widow, Janet Dewart Bell  whines about   the truthful depiction of her ‘social justice’ hubby. Symbol chaser come libel blogger turncoat Charley Johnson inhales this stuff: Video: Prof. Derrick Bell’s Wife Speaks Out

“Seperate but equal”- as long as its fully funded:

Bigoted race huckster Eric Bell wanted segregation, and you should pay for it:  (TT)

You read that correctly — on national television, Prof. Dorothy Brown put forward Bell’s idea that America would be better off with “separate but equal”, as long as it was “fully funded.”

 “MILF”s is a compliment of sorts.”

Sure.  Even prostitutes need certain skillz.