Forcing Islam Into the Schools and Down Your Kids Throats

Useful idiot  Rodney Ellis sides with Muslim school not allowed to join TAPPS


Houston state senator Rodney Ellis won’t let up trying to get a private school association to let a Muslim school join them. Rodney is a Jesse Jackson buddy and a devoted Obamster supporter.

Follow the money: Rodney is a lackey for  Sheikh Mohammed Al-Khalifa of  Bahrain….

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools rejected Houston’s Iman Academy back in 2010.

But Iman isn’t the only Islamic school TAPPS turned down. Iman and the others say the application process makes it pretty clear that Muslims are not welcome.

This all came out when TAPPS said it would not change its state basketball play-offs schedule to keep Houston’sRobert M. Beren Academy, an orthodox Jewish school, from playing on the Sabbath.

TAPPS backed down when parents went to court.

Ellis joined the fray for both schools. And, with the basketball season over, that leaves the Iman question still out there.

Ellis sent a letter to TAPPS expressing his concern and suggesting that TAPPS is an embarrassment to Texas. ‘Now is the time for your organization to put in place better and more open guidelines and bylaws to prevent further embarrassing and insensitive incidents that put both TAPPS and Texas in a negative light,’ Ellis wrote.

And, he renewed his offer to host a lunch to figure out how to make everyone happy, but no word from TAPPS on the offer.

Since TAPPS is a private organization, Ellis has no public purse strings to pull, just a few cards to play, which may not be in anyone’s best interests.