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Lightweight Obama’s Heavy-Handed Cliche  (Saramouche)

 Countries who do not enjoy third world status like Kenya and Indonesia are “punching above their weight” for the  post-American re-distributor in chief.
To understand the anticolonialist (i.e., anti-Western) mentality that fuels  Hussein Obama’s hatred of the country he vowed to “fundamentally transform,” it helps to have grown up in a recently colonial country — as Dinesh D’Souza did in India.

Hard though it is to take Obama seriously, he represents the most serious threat America has ever faced. (Moonbattery)

Someone has noticed–and is having great fun with the fact–that Obama uses the cliche “punching about their weight” with excessive and embarrassing regularity. So far, the Danes, the Norwegians, the Dutch, the Irish and the Phillipinos are said to be engaged in the move. (Notice, though, that he would never say any such thing about a miniscule nation that really is punching about its weight in so many endeavours–scientific, entreprenurial, medical, etc.–i.e. Israel.)
Beyond Parody:
Top DOJ Official Refuses Fast and Furious Subpoena–“claiming that the GOP lawmakers can’t be trusted with the information”–Read More »
However, it looks like the ‘bitter clingers won’t go without a bang:

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  1. And, I don’t like D’Souza either. Given his extreme religiosity, it’s my opinion that he’ll probably eventually take sides with Islam. I mean, they do almost always stick together in their faux victimhood.

    1. Hmm, lets say he’s ‘evolving’. I’m no fan of D’Souza either, but I have no beef with him when he’s right. The points he makes in this vid are pretty spot on.

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