Obamster Guru Eric Bell: "I Lives to Harass White Folks…"

Race huckster Bell kicked the bucket, but not without visiting his disciple at least twice in the white house. Another nail in the coffin of the usurper:

Hannity with Thomas Sowell

Unedited Obama race video unveiled
Racial division and class-warfare – that’s the true message of hopenchange:

1990 – Thomas Sowell explains Derrick Bell

Great video picked up by the Breitbart crew in the vetting of Barack Obama. Sowell, in this video, describes how Bell didn’t just want Harvard to hire a black woman, but a black woman who didn’t “think white”. In other words, it was more about ideology than skin color.

As Dr. Melissa Clouthier explains on twitter, the idea of Critical Race Theory means “Merit-based is wrong. Color-blind is wrong. (Non-white) Racial supremacy is right.”

And this radical view is what Barack Obama decided to take a stand for at Harvard. Wow.

Here is Sowell, thanks to the Right Scoop:

5 thoughts on “Obamster Guru Eric Bell: "I Lives to Harass White Folks…"”

  1. This Derrick Bell is a character and a flat out racist that hates white people. He also hates Jews so I guess us latinos are on the same hate list… Probably the reason Obama did shit for Latinos. I want my 2008 vote back dude.

  2. Jamal,
    I wish you guys had thought a little more before voting in 2008. The problems are simply going to get worse before things will improve, but getting Obama and his troupe of thugs out of the White House is a step in the right direction.

  3. “It’s not a racial thing”, yeah, right. And, this is exactly why many blacks and other minorities are mired in their own idiocy, blindness and professional victim hood and not making any progress. “Living” vicariously through anyone for any reason is a walking death. Want to see the solution to your problems, Mr. & Mrs. Minority? Look in the mirror. “Messin’ wit white peoples” is an emotionally retarded approach to life and will get you nowhere … except the grave with exactly zero progress.

  4. The dragon seeds of Eric Bell are planted in Canada:

    TDSB Days Of Significance: March 21st Is “Get Whitey Day!”
    In the Toronto District School Board’s “Days Of Significance Calendar”, following hot on the heels of the Wicca/Pagan celebration of the “Vernal Equinox” is the March 21st “International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination”.

    So significant is this day that the TDSB has crafted an entire teaching guide to assist staff in their efforts to educate your children about the very real problem of racism and its cause – White Folk!

    Whites are the Kings Of Racism and the TDSB wants to make sure your children know that. And don’t you dare try to deny it Cracker!

    “Colour is something white people never have to think about because for them it is… a source of privilege” (page 22).

    “There is a global racial hierarchy that helps to shape the power and the prejudices of each race. At the top of this hierarchy are whites.” (page 23).

    “There is another reason, which is a specifically white problem. Because whites remain the overwhelmingly dominant global race, perched in splendid isolation on top of the pile…” (page 23).

    “And the fact that whites have no experience of racism, except as perpetrators.” (page 23).

    “Whites… have a vested interest in denying the extent and baneful effects of racism.” (page 23).

    “White Canadians are not being honest with themselves. They are in denial.” (page 23).

    “There is most likely a phenomenon of white privilege that was similarly denied… whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege.” (page 23).

  5. Thomas Sowell is one of my heroes! IMHO he is one of the greatest minds of the last century and this one. Read him instead of that drek idiot and racist Bell!

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