Australia: The rise of the totalitarians

Its bad and its getting worse.

Andrew Bolt links:

It takes a certain kind of mind to want such controls over the political speech of so many:

The rise of the totalitarians

Brendan O’Neill says where you stand on press freedom reveals where you stand on democracy:

 I must recommend again the critiques by John Roskam and David Kemp of the sinister Finkelstein inquiry. Both expose the totalitarian instinct behind its recommendations.

Those who would take free speech away from us are terrorists:

Issuing threats of legal action against less powerful people or businesses is perhaps the most potent means by which in our society free speech is threatened. A threat against one person or their publishers intimidates thousands.

Enough. Guarantee free speech and stop this circus

Why journalism academics are so hostile to our free press

Can’t let the people decide, they’re too stupid:

 A little ray of sunshine:

Cameron Stewart on the dangerous Leftism of journalism academics:

ONLY hours after the Finkelstein media inquiry report was released last week, lecturers from four of Australia’s top journalism schools delivered their instant judgment on the academic website The Conversation.

Each of the four—Brian McNair from the Queensland University of Technology, Johan Lidberg from Monash University, Alexandra Wake from RMIT University and Andrea Carson from the University of Melbourne—enthusiastically embraced Ray Finkelstein’s central recommendation for a new government-funded regulatory body to sit in judgment of news reporting…

Inside the country’s newspaper offices there was a polar opposite reaction.

Publishers Fairfax Media, News Limited (publisher of The Weekend Australian), APN News and Media and West Australian Newspapers came out in fierce opposition to the proposed NMC, warning it would pose a threat to press freedom and free speech.

The contrasting view on Finkelstein’s findings between the teachers of tomorrow’s journalists and today’s working journalists could not have been more pronounced..

A bungling Stephen Smith

The way the wind blows:

A grotesque waste of money by politicians too scared, stupid or unprincipled to think straight:

GOVERNMENTS are squandering billions of dollars on “uneconomic” wind farms, according to a landmark study that undermines the case for Labor’s huge renewable energy subsidies…Throwing money to the winds


What a desperate and transparent trick to bribe voters into supporting an utterly useless and job-killing tax:

The carbon tax will help pay for an ambitious scheme to connect great swathes of the Australian landscape and protect endangered species, under a proposal before the government…  Running out of ways to sell their “carbon” poison

Leftist Brainfarts:

Here’s something to keep in mind the next time you hear a mining magnate or chief executive complaining about an outrageous assault on their industry. Those minerals they’re mining – all that gold, iron ore, coal and uranium – it’s yours. You own it.

Well, go find it and dig it out, Jessica. Keep in mind, it’s all yours.  Andrew Bolt: If the minerals are yours, go dig them out yourself