Australia: Muselmaniacs vs Atheists

Afghanistan & Sharia Finance – Vickie Janson

While Australia dilly-dallies around taxation issues, it took just one stroke of the pen for Justice Abdul Wahab Patail to rule in the High Court of Malaysia that the concept of Arabic banking is unlawful.

Muslims  pushing  sharia finance in Australia are telling us that Muslims are denied equal rights to home ownership because paying or receiving interest is religiously forbidden. Curiously,  Islamic nations are simultaneously receiving aid from interest bearing western accounts and Australian Muslims benefiting from Centrelink payments from conventional interest bearing accounts. Obviously this problem with conventional finance is  overlooked by necessity.

2012 Atheist Convention-- Atheists vs Muslims

Note that the soldiers of allah fly the black flag of jihad…..

Ayaan Ali Hirsi doesn’t seem to be very popular among Muslims:

From a WoJ reader who sent this in:

As soon as these  predators gain a sizable population, Atheists, homosexuals, Jews, socialist useful idiots and polytheists will be the first ones they kill. They have already started to kidnap Australian women and gang-rape is endemic.   Stand up Aussies, while you still can and ban immigration from their countries. All you have to do is hold it off for the next 30 years. Bravo! Good Job!

5 thoughts on “Australia: Muselmaniacs vs Atheists”

  1. Those god-worshipers must have got up earlier than they usually do, since most didn’t seem to have time to get dressed and turned up in their night gowns.

    Is it safe to say they don’t have jobs?

  2. Any atheist, secularist, agnostic, scientist, etc. worth his or her salt will revile and work against Islam till the day they die. There are a bunch of Generation-Whatever-Disaffected-Angst-Ridden-About-Race-Pretend Atheists out there who are dhimmis, but the real ones despise Islam and speak out and write against it incessantly. I mean, what’s NOT to despise about Islam and its adherents? You could clone that little demonstration by Mollusks and show it anywhere on the Earth and it would be no different from what they’re already doing all over the Earth. Too bad their vocabulary is so limited, “Allah, Burn in Hell, etc.”, otherwise, they might be fun to watch. Retards.

  3. this is sooo satisfying: At last even the trendies wake up to the nastiness that is spreading. And they do it in a very aussie and cute way: WHERE ARE THE WOMEN ….hehehe indeed. Good video. I think if Australians combined to ridicule those invasive islamists, it could be successful.

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