Temple freshman: "an attack against Muslim communities is an attack against all working people…"

Update II:

The ‘freshman’ is young Walter Smolarek, an red hot little ‘worker’ who fantasizes about  the coming proletarian paradise:

Walter Smolarek

Update from Pamela:  Campus Battlefield

The jackboots stormed in, and they stormed out. 

It was predictable that the event was the zoo that all pro-freedom activists have unfortunately come to expect from events at universities all over the country: loud, raucous know-nothing tools spewing illogical insults into the ether with the sole purpose of stopping the truth from being heard.

American professors travel to Tehran to speak at conferences hosted by the genocidal mullahs. Subversives (like Ayers) and jihadists (like CAIR and Aslan) are welcomed and paid handsomely, but voices for freedom and human rights activists are hunted down and silenced like…*&%$@!

 Despite all their efforts, they failed. 

So young and so wise!

“An attack against Muslim communities is an attack against all working people,”

Useful idiots at Temple rally against “irrational hatred”

I wonder who the “livid protester” is. He’s too grey to be a student  and too old to be a lover:

A livid protester (left) confronts one of the attendees of an anti-Islam conference sponsored by the group Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom at Ritter Hall on the university’s main campus on Monday

Pamela posted this yesterday:

Security Alert: Anti-freedom, pro-sharia ‘event’ to incite prior to AFDI/SIOA Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference

And Bunglawussiwatch posted this today:

Temple University, Philadelphia: protestors condemn Geller and Spencer’s ‘irrational hatred’

Useful idiots welcoming their enslavement:

like turkeys welcoming thanksgiving. Can’t we sell them to some camel-jockey for the price of meat?

Stop Irrational Spencer-Geller Hatred!

A group’s speakers on campus brought about a protest. (Ali Watkins)

Dean of Students Stephanie Ives foreshadowed the inevitable contention in Kiva Auditorium at the Islamic Apartheid Conference, sponsored by Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom, yesterday, April 23.

“I ask you all to keep the principles of free speech and civil discourse in mind tonight,” Ives urged the packed auditorium prior to the conference’s start.

Featuring controversial panelists Robert Spencer, director of the blog “Jihad Watch,” Pamela Geller, former-Muslim Nonie Darwish and Sudanese refugee Simon Deng, the conference addressed issues such as honor killing and Jihad in the Arab-world, and specifically focused on Islam’s contribution to said issues.

TUSIF, formerly TU Purpose, has hosted Spencer, Geller and Darwish at past events.

Claiming the religion is an oppressive, violent force in a global discussion, Spencer and Geller specifically have been the subject of heated debate, and have often been referred to as anti-Muslim.

“We have a variety speakers [tonight] who will explore how Islamic law, in its traditional formulations… is an instrument for the oppression of women, non-Muslims and even non-Arabs,” said Spencer in his introduction.

In the week leading up to the event, the panelists’ presence garnered outrage from several campus and non-campus groups, including Occupy Philadelphia, Occupy Temple, and Students for Justice in Palestine.

To express their discontent, students and community members organized protest efforts that involved a pre-event rally and walk-out.

Sara Mohamed, a junior psychology major and officer of the Muslim Students Association, said she considered the conference a complete disregard of Muslim student’s rights, and was unsettled that her own university would host such an event.

“Hate speech, hate speech!”

“I saw this as being a flagrant violation of our rights…hate speech is not welcome here, and we want to make that loud and clear with this demonstration,” Mohamed said. “Temple is condoning this without saying so.”

As protesters filed in, the conference began with remarks from the TUSIF president and founder, Alvaro Watson, who addressed the discontent and began the conference with aggressive responses to protesting Muslim students. Amidst heckling and jeers, Robert Spencer took the microphone and grew visibly frustrated, as challenging yells from the audience consistently drowned his remarks out.

“Why are you being so rude? Why don’t you respect my freedom to speak?” yelled Spencer, as protesters stood and filed out mid-way through his discussion.

The activists, many holding signs reading, “The Muslims are coming!” and “Robert Spencer’s Hate Speech Inspires Mass Murder,” congregated outside of Ritter Annex to rally as the conference continued indoors.

Inside Kiva auditorium, Pamela Geller, co-founder of the Stop Islamization of America, spoke on the oppression of women that, she said, is often a sanction of Islamic practices under the Sharia law.

As the audience continued to challenge her, Geller pushed forward with talk of honor killings, genital mutilation and other practices undergone by Muslim women.

ALI WATKINS TTN | Robert Spencer and Nonie Darwish speak at yesterday’s event.

“My concern is the growing dehumanization and diminishment of women in the west under the Sharia,” said Geller, adding, “If you are silent, then you are an accomplice.”

Amidst rising tensions, the panelists’ question-and-answer session elicited confrontations between presenters and attendees, as well as within the audience. As the volume increased, Spencer continued to denounce audience members.

“This is a university; doesn’t anyone know how to think anymore?” Spencer yelled to the restless crowd. “Are there no discussions here? Are you all just automatons and they feed you this crap and you buy it? You can’t think at all.”

Spencer’s remarks, said protesting students, pointedly substantiated their discontent with the conference, Temple and TUSIF.

“In my experience with the events and panelists that [TUSIF] has hosted, it is the absolute antithesis to intellectual freedom,” said senior political science major Brianne Murphy. “This is not moderate by any means, and it’s unacceptable, especially for a university that goes under the moniker of diversity.”

As the conference wrapped up, Spencer and his fellow panelists were hurried to waiting cars. Noticeably aggravated, Spencer expressed his discontent with Temple students’ behavior as he was escorted out.

“Most of them are thoroughly propagandized and indoctrinated,” he said. “They have no sense of the importance of respectful dialogue.”
Alvaro Watson, though, considered the event a success, despite the negative responses.

“Events like tonight, it starts a conversation where there wasn’t one before. It’s a conversation that’s important,” Watson said. “I think the whole point of having the event is to share ideas, and exchange ideas from as many parties as possible. So that happened.”

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  1. The bird holding the sign that read, “You fear what you don’t know.”

    Oh honey, you poor ignorant little tool clearly you are ignorant of the wider world and yet to learn, just because ‘you’ are open and accepting of other people from a different cultural back ground, it doesn’t mean that ‘they’ are open to you.

    The problem is, I distrust trust and understand what I know through first hand experience of the wickedness of Islam and it’s hostility towards western people.

    She looks like she is working on a degree in Women Studies.



    Exclusive: Pamela Geller tells of battle to present anti-Shariah message over protesters

    Last week, Islamic Apartheid Week was announced at Temple University in Philadelphia. A singular brave student organization at Temple wanted to counter the blood libel and propaganda of Israeli Apartheid Week, which is so common and so awful on college campuses, with the reality of the Shariah and the oppression, subjugation and persecution of women and non-Muslims living under Islam.

    No sooner was it announced than the Islamic smear machine went into high gear. Numerous articles appeared in the Philadelphia City Paper, Naked City and elsewhere, smearing and defaming the speakers (Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish, Simon Deng and me), but most egregiously me. Hamas-CAIR sent out a string of email alerts in support of the Occupy Muslim student groups’ protests.

    The Blaze ran a big story on the pro-Shariah media blitz. The Blaze noted that the leftists and Islamic supremacists were pulling out all the stops: “Occupy Temple is joining with the International Socialist Organization, Students for Justice in Palestine and the Party for Socialism and Liberation for a ‘multi-racial fightback against these racist hatemongers.’ ‘Geller is known to her fans and critics alike as “Queen of the Muslim Bashers,”‘ the Facebook hate page for the protest states. ‘Her views are by no means within the boundaries of reasonable debate.’”

    The Nazis were cocky, too. Once.

    The young, brave student leader, Álvaro Enrique Watson of Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom, which organized the event in conjunction with the David Horowitz Freedom Center, wrote before the event about protests that were being orchestrated by leftists and Islamic supremacists:

    “The protests are being organized, yet again, against ‘the biggest bigots in the world and at Temple University.’ Once again, the opportunists are using side-bar issues/events (Trayvon Martin, and a couple of others, whom you guys all know about) to advance and fuel their protest.”

    In their Goebbels propaganda, the leftist fascists cited the honor killing by her family of Shaima Alawadi as a “hate crime,” when that libel has long been exposed by law enforcement.

    Thus it was predictable that the event was the silly zoo that all pro-freedom activists have unfortunately come to expect from events at universities all over the country: loud, raucous know-nothing tools spewing illogical insults into the ether with the sole purpose of stopping the truth from being heard. Yawn.

    Their furious and frenzied opposition to our message was ironic in light of the fact that we were there to stand for the freedom of the individual: the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and equal rights for women and non-Muslims in Muslim societies as well as in Muslim communities in the West.

    Our program was dedicated to exposing the suffering of millions of women and non-Muslims living under the oppression and subjugation of the Shariah, as well as to debunking the vile lies and blood libels spread about the state of Israel by Islamic supremacists and their lapdog apologists (notably during Israeli Apartheid Week).

    Simon Deng, Nonie Darwish and Robert Spencer were magnificent, brilliant and brave. And Simon Deng is a powerful presence – the room gets quiet when he approaches the podium. Deng’s devastating story as a slave in Sudan shames the leftist tools as they scream on about hate and justice.

    Yet despite Simon’s moving and unanswerable presentation, and the heavy security we had to have, the agitators were itching for confrontation. It is striking when one considers that true subversives like Bill Ayers and jihadist enablers like pro-nuclear Iran Khomeinists like Reza Aslan are warmly received on college campuses and given the utmost respect and deference. Nothing better points to how low the state of freedom and truth are at universities. We are producing the army that will destroy us. The many attempts to shout us down and destroy the event that occurred last night had been planned from the very beginning: Fresh on the heels of the announcement of this program by the Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom, there came as if on cue the army of haters – storm troopers and brownshirts who were instructed to disrupt and shut down this meeting of freedom’s defenders and human-rights activists.

    This is what we have come to expect from the fascists at America’s colleges and universities. American professors travel to Tehran to speak at conferences hosted by the genocidal mullahs. Subversives (like Ayers) and jihadists (like CAIR and Aslan) are welcomed and paid handsomely, but voices for freedom and human-rights activists are hunted down and silenced like … dissidents.

    They stormed in, and they stormed out.

    Despite all their efforts, they failed. The highlight of the evening for me was when a hip, attractive young woman approached me after the event and confessed that she had come from the other side, as part of the opposition, and that she had been turned around by what she heard us say during the event. Despite the noisemakers and loud verbal belching, she “flipped.” This is the objective. That young lady was a sign that no amount of indoctrination and propaganda can overwhelm the truth or drown it out completely if someone is open to it.

    Temple University is not unique. The same reception greets me and other freedom fighters at colleges and universities all over the country: jackbooted thugs doing everything they can to shout us down, so fearful are they of our message being heard. And remember also: The colleges and universities of today are training the leaders of tomorrow. The reception we got at Temple was just a snapshot of what America will look like in just a few years, if we don’t stand up and go on the offense.

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