Da Vinci was Muslim!

Just like Moses, Abraham & Jesus:  (Jesus was an occupier, just like Jesse!)

All your Leonardo’s are belong to us!

“A French writer in the 19th century has evaluated the issue of Da Vinci’s conversion to Islam in a treatise, but the west has banned the publication of this treatise.”  — No shiite!

Author of ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’s Drawings’ says in this book he has proved that Da Vinci had been converted to Islam: “The book presents a comprehensive biography of Da Vinci and here for the first time I have proved that the artist had been converted to Islam based on authentic documents.”
Update from  Robert Spencer:

Why not? Shakespeare   (sheik Speer)  was a Muslim (and so was Hamlet). Abraham Lincoln was a Muslim. Christopher Columbus was a multiculturalist, heavily influenced by Islam. Even D’Artagnan of the Three Musketeers converted to Islam. So why not Da Vinci?

Both Islamic supremacists and non-Muslim multiculturalist dhimmis promote this nonsense, albeit for vastly different reasons: the non-Muslims think that by falsifying history and exaggerating the achievements of Muslims and the legacy of Islam, they can show Muslims that they’re welcome in the West, ease the concerns that more sensible non-Muslims have about jihad and Islamization, and prove that they’re not “racist,” “bigoted” and “Islamophobic.” Islamic supremacists, meanwhile, think that these claims advance and demonstrate the superiority of Islam and of Muslims as the “best of nations” (Qur’an 3:110).

Meanwhile, no one is going around claiming that Rumi was actually an Assyrian Christian, or that Suleiman the Magnificent was secretly Greek Orthodox. It manifests a deep cultural inferiority complex to persist in claiming the great figures of other cultures as one’s own.

“Da Vinci was a Muslim?,” from the Ahlul Bayt News Agency, April 9

Hamas Easter Message:
IBNA: Morteza Khalaj Amirhosseini’s book “Leonardo Da Vinci’s Drawings” contains best drawings as well as a detailed biography of this eminent artist. Based on valid sources, the book proves that Da Vinci had been converted into Persian.Amirhosseini added: “I have prepared the book in order to address the needs of art students as there was no comprehensive book of Da Vinci’s works available in Iran. We should know an artist by his works, but unfortunately Da Vinci is just an icon in Iran with mythological fame.”Amirhosseini went on to say that the book presents a complete biography of Da Vinci in which he has proved based on first-hand sources that the Renaissance artist had become a Muslim. However, the west prefers to keep silent on the subject, he added.He added: “A French writer in the 19th century has evaluated the issue of Da Vinci’s conversion to Islam in a treatise, but the west has banned the publication of this treatise.”‘Leonardo Da Vinci’s Drawings’ is compiled by Morteza Khalaj Amirhosseini and published by Ketab-e Aban in 172 pages.’The Wings of Simorgh’, ‘On Oil Painting’, ‘On Watercolor Painting’, ‘Mysteries of Miniature’, ‘The Life of Rafael’, ‘The Life of Rembrandt’, ‘The Life of Rubens’, and ‘The Magic of Drawing’.

12 thoughts on “Da Vinci was Muslim!”

  1. Author of ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’s Drawings’ says in this book he has proved that Da Vinci had been converted to Islam….

    No wonder he painted so many religious painting like “The Last Supper”, “John The Baptist” and many others of Jesus and the Virgin Mary!!

    Not to mention the fact that he was a genius! That’s a bit of a contradiction with Islam isn’t it?

  2. he could have drawn those before converting to islam…
    also the renaissance would have happened without muslim advances in sciences, mathematics, etc so no theres no contradiction, sorry.

    but yea even though i havent read this book (i will though) it still seems unlikely.

  3. sorry i meant to say the renaissance *wouldn’t* have happened without muslim advances

  4. The amazing thing is that despite them knowing the truth they lie, and lie and lie….

    Jesus speaks as follows of people who wish to claim kinhood to Him without Truth.

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

  5. Da Vinci was NOT a muslim – how pathetic you muslim parasites are!!

    there were NO muslim advances in mathematics, and only some minor contributions in optics , and in actual fact muslim attacks were responsible for forcing much of medieval Europe into concentrating on defence against parasitic muslim attack – rather than on the arts and sciences which NEVER flowered under muslim oppression. Go study history and not the rantings of a deluded mohammedan.


  6. Dawa in Melbourne. I remember these clowns in London. Now they have followed me back to my own country. How far will they get when they start the “your women are uncovered whores screed”.

  7. “sorry i meant to say the renaissance *wouldn’t* have happened without muslim advances”

    And you know this how?

    Having studied much of it I cannot recall one reference to Islam apart from the Borgias having a Turkish guest! And that may not even be true.

    Nude and religious paintings and sculptures? Islamic? Sure!

    Savonarola was not a Muslim, even though he acted like one at times.

  8. @kaw
    Off the top of my head, Muslims contributed to the development of Algebra (derived from an Arabic word Al-Jibr). Also lthough not invented by Muslims Hindu-Arabic numerals were discovered by Europeans from Muslims.

  9. “Name one “Muslim advance” that was non-violent!?”

    The re-arranging of the ABC radio-national programming.

  10. How pathetic and insecure Iran comes across with a desperate need to claim a western Icon as it’s own.

    So when is the Iranian art historian going to submit his scholarship to peer review?

    I read the article and what it shows is that the Apple seller of Iran and the Iranian propaganda machine does not understand the west or how the west’s academia/scholarship works.

    Any scholar of any international reputation left Iran during the 80’s & 90’s. Leaving posers, friends and family (most were uneducated peasants.) of the regime to fill the void in the Iranian universities.

    There is no date of when this alleged conversion occurred. Why he converted? Or an explanation of why da Vinci carried on with Christian themes after his conversion. One of his last paintings before he died was John the Baptist-A Christian subject. Furthermore, in 1500, he was in Venice working on defenses against the Turks.

    Where did he find the evidence? What was the name of the archive? The scholar claims he used “first-hand sources”, but I am sure he meant ‘primary sources’, considering, to obtain first hand accounts would require a time machine. Considering Iran can’t even make a nuclear bomb with out outside help, making a time machine is highly doubtful. Furthermore, if the West had hidden this alleged conversion it would have destroyed the evidence centuries ago. Anything related to da Vinci has been poured over by world renowned scholars who all missed these documents? What was the name of the author of the 19thc French document that claims da Vinci converted to Islam? The article claimed that the west banned publishing of the document, but not access to the document?

    @ Gramfan, the famed Renaissance scholar Burckhardt mentions Islam several times. He states in ‘The Civilization of the Renaissance In Italy’, that there was a “tolerance and indifference towards the Mohammedan religion was regarded.” that it was associated with a romanticized idea of the Mameluke sultan. i.e. Saladin. What is of greater interest is that Burckhardt mentions that during this period of the Renaissance, a cynical story known as the Parable of the Three Rings was infamous during this period. Which was summed up as a famous proverb that was was also making the rounds at the time; “three who deceived the world, that is Moses, Christ and Mohammed.”

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