Sergio Redegalli: Let’s see how they manage to call this one Racist!

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Since our Monday the 2-4-2012 burqa experiment going into all sorts of interesting places, and finishing at our State Parliament Building and not being allowed in (reason still not clear)

Being confronted by 2 Muslim men that had a problem with non-Muslims being in Burqas, “as usual they became violent”.

Since that day the SAY NO TO BURQAS / before it kills Mural has been damage a few time, needing a total repaint!

The Muslims had planned a protest against the Mural and me personally, Muslim Village was the site used to call them to Arms for a so called peaceful and silent protest, Saturday 7-4-2012.

The police came, 15 at start, one of the major T.V news crews came, the new mural was finished on time, the meat was on the BBQ, the time of the protest was meant to be at 1pm.

Not one Muslim was in sight! No nothing !

All the big words, all the chest beating, all the comments about the insult given to Muslims by our Burqa show.

Could the Muslims of Sydney be afraid of men in drag ?????? even in Burqas ???????.

Nevertheless we had a fantastic day, good friends, a few drinks, a beautiful sunny day, lots of Police protecting the streets.

Please find attached the latest Mural.

Let’s see how they manage to call this one Racist.



Happy Easter.

7 thoughts on “Sergio Redegalli: Let’s see how they manage to call this one Racist!”

  1. Go Sergio Go!

    I hope you remembered to painted a bit of rust on that razor blade….

  2. Go Sergio! We’ll see how they manage to call this one racist… it’s good to show them we know what their m.o. is

  3. @anonymous

    Get a clue mate. There is no racism here as Islam is NOT a race. But a religious choice.

  4. anonymous,
    Grow a brain, you useless half-wit. People here are commenting about a viscous philosophy (quasi-religion) called islam. You are the ignorant fool!!!!
    No one is making racist comments. The racist is the muslim thug who made the attack – has your tiny brain managed to understand that yet???

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