"Fellow Earthians"- get ready for Bob Brown's one world gubmint!

BOB Brown’s kooky speech to his “fellow Earthians” deserves greater scrutiny.

Apart from providing an insight into the Greens plan for a universal world government, it makes clear the dilemma confronting the Gillard government.

Bob Brown is a man with a plan:

 “through global democracy we shall save the Earth, let us create a global democracy and parliament under the grand idea of one planet, one person, one vote, one value.”

In a sane world Bobby and his watermelon greens would be locked up in padded cells. In Australia we have lunatics like him dictate government policy and embarrass all of us.

Fellow Earthians!

Which leader of a major political party in our 21st century democracy would start a speech to the faithful in terms so bizarre?

Why hasn’t an alien rung Bob?

The Australian

With fewer than three in every 10 people now identifying Labor as their political party of first choice, Julia Gillard has two options: she can continue chasing the votes of her fellow Earthians to the left, or she can rejoin the contest for the mainstream Australia.

When Brown took the Hobart Town Hall stage to enthusiastic applause 10 days ago, he said: “Never before has the universe unfolded such a flower as our collective human intelligence, so far as we know.” We are told he also joined in singing his own composition, the Song of the Earth.

Apparently a local ABC television crew covered the event for the Tasmanian news but it is worth pondering why the ABC, which usually pays great attention to the Greens, has failed to seriously analyse and discuss this speech in its national political coverage.

Still, all intelligent life forms can have a close encounter with the text of the third annual Green oration on the Greens leader’s website.


Just a few days earlier Brown described mining magnate Clive Palmer’s comments about the CIA bankrolling the Greens anti-coal campaigns as “stupid”. Foreign Minister Bob Carr said he expected the US to contact him “expressing bewilderment that someone so close to Tony Abbott, the alternative prime minister, is raving about a CIA plot to wreck the Australian economy”.

Palmer’s comments were loopy but given Brown is in a formal alliance with the government, and he controls the balance of power in the Senate, we might expect our great and powerful friends to be more interested in his ravings.

Brown described the 20th century as a battle between “capitalism and communism” but he now sees the way forward as “some of both” — so there’s something in the speech for Beijing and Washington; McCarthy and Marx.

More importantly foreign diplomats might be perturbed by his plan for a global democracy — which he tells us came to him like a comet under a starry night sky.

He suggests one vote one value in Earth’s parliament, which should suit the Chinese and the Indians — although on my calculations if there is a seat for the people of Tuvalu (population 9800) there will need to be more than 130,000 seats for China (population 1.33 billion). Some parliament.

And, thinking just like a senator, Brown also wants an upper house where every country will get one seat. This will make the UN General Assembly seem, well, replicated.

Brown listed four goals for the Earth parliament: Economy, Equality, Ecology and Eternity.

“The pursuit of eternity is no longer the prerogative of the gods,” said the Greens leader, “it is the business of us all, here and now.” It is not a bad ploy for a politician: promise eternity and who can prove you failed to deliver it?

The most alarming aspect of the speech was the cataclysmic view that underpinned it.

“We have to manage the terrifying facts that Earth’s citizenry is already using 120 per cent of the planet’s productive capacity.”

Brown suggested that other intelligent life forms may have “come and gone” in the cosmos but “have extincted themselves”. He says we faced an “accelerating catastrophe” of our own making.

“Let us have the comet of global democracy save life on Earth this time,” he decreed.

Australian voters should read this speech and not just as sport. Given the Greens are in effective coalition with Labor and have unashamedly dictated government policy in crucial areas, we should all be informed — if not alarmed.

This is particularly so for people who support the Labor Party or its old values.

The election result in Queensland and last week’s devastating national Newspoll result demonstrate how the Greens are sucking the life out Labor.

And like the beautiful victims in the vampire movies, the ALP is willingly offering up its neck.

The Greens rejected Kevin Rudd’s emissions trading scheme, triggering a crisis of confidence and political belief that culminated in his demise.

Then after the 2010 election the Greens offered Julia Gillard a path to power. Their price — paid with too little resistance — was a carbon tax and the Prime Minister’s credibility.

Yet the more Labor gives to the Greens the more they want. And Labor has followed them, chasing its former supporters to the left instead of trying to fight for the middle ground.

All the evidence suggests this will prove fatal, not just to a transient government but to the prospects for the party across the nation for some time to come.

Apart from the carbon tax, Labor has given the Greens a $10 billion green energy fund, undermining the economic credibility of the government’s carbon tax package. The ALP has also fallen for the Greens-generated gay marriage push — not necessarily unwise or unpopular except that a government struggling with the basics is signalling to the electorate that it might have its priorities wrong.

Similarly the Greens have lured the Gillard government into an argument with the media and an ill-advised excursion into media regulation. The green agenda has pushed state Labor governments to favour wind turbines and solar schemes that continue to push up power prices; and desalination plants, obsolete already, that have driven up water rates.

In the Labor-Green alliance it is the Greens agenda that has triumphed but it is Labor that has paid the price.

Just to rub it in, Greens senator Lee Rhiannon told me on Sky News on the weekend that “Labor’s problems are of Labor’s making; it’s like they don’t have confidence in themselves and they’ve lost the confidence of the electorate.”

Those words demonstrate clearly that the parasite on the left wing of politics is happy to kill its host. “For a long time Labor has tried to walk both sides of the road,” Rhiannon said, shamelessly claiming Labor had abandoned workers for corporations and failed to protect public assets. To cap it off, this senator for the party that forced Labor’s hand on a carbon tax, audaciously suggested that Labor needed to focus on cost of living issues.

Earth to Julia Gillard: these Green Earthians are not your friends.


All countries have their share of idiots, zealots and authoritarians, but few are unfortunate enough to get anyone like Bob Brown. 

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