Mark Steyn's Australian Freedom of Speech Tour 2012

Watch Mark Steyn stand up for free speech in Australia in this speech to more than 500 people at the Institute of Public Affairs-Spectator Australia event in Sydney on Wednesday 29 February.
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3 thoughts on “Mark Steyn's Australian Freedom of Speech Tour 2012”

  1. He is such a good speaker. I listen to Mark whenever I can.
    He’s also got a very good singing voice, as is indicated by his Christmas Carols CD.

    “Free speech, is the whole thing, the whole ball-game…Free Speech is life itself…Salmon Rushdie.

    We must make every effort, against those in the left and the Islamic jihad, to gurantee freedom of speech.
    The Stein/Levin case in Canada did much for Freedom of Speech in Canada. Canad owes “Stein and Levin” a deep debt of gratitude for changing the Canadian human rights code to allow freedom of speech. However, the Muslims are still fighting to have it turned once again. Thanks God there is now a strong “C”onservative government in Canada.
    If Canada ever goes back to Liberalism, Canada will become an Islamic Caliphate in short time.

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