France: Islamic Congress 'Fears Anti-Muslim Backlash'

Fearful Muslims, wherever you go these days. Perhaps if they would stop killing infidels & Jews they wouldn’t have to live in fear any longer.

Hundreds of Muslims began a four day Islamic congress in Paris on Friday, as fears grew of a religious backlash following the Toulouse killings.

“Public perceptions about Muslims have been exaggerated. This has now become the main issue in the presidential election. It’s like there’s no unemployment or housing problem in France anymore; no financial crisis, just a problem with Muslims,” said Marwan Muhamad, spokesman for the Committee Against Islamophobia.

Ya think?

“The whole Muslim community condemns what happened with Mereh. Terrorism isn’t part of the Islamic religion and we are here to condemn his acts.”


Front National presidential candidate Marine Le Pen demanded a ban on the Le Bourget congress and the dissolution of the Union des Organisations Islamiques de France.

She is right. How come France allowed Salah Sultan to participate in this hatefest?  (OnIslam)

2 thoughts on “France: Islamic Congress 'Fears Anti-Muslim Backlash'”

  1. France: Islamic Congress ‘Fears Anti-Muslim Backlash’

    Oh no Sheikh, not that Backlash against Muslims again. You keep promising a backlash, and nothing. Phuutt.


  2. If only, if only!
    Watching the french politicians (except Marine LePen) brown-nose Islam, Arabs, Muslims, Islamism makes me sick. France, once known as “the eldest girl of the Church” (catholic), has now become the first whore of Islam. The french media and the Magistrature are the pimps!

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