Pastor Terry Jones in Dearbornistan


Terry Jones lawyer seems to know his stuff:


“Islam is more than a religion. It is a political ideology that regulates every aspect of human existence and calls for the Islamic domination of the world. Since radical Muslims know they can never defeat our military on the battlefield, they devised the strategy of internal subversion.”

He added: “Like the ancient Trojan Horse welcomed within the city’s gates, Islam has entered America disguised as a religion. But its ultimate objective is political: Destroy America and establish an Islamic nation under Shariah law. So while America sleeps, they are awake and subverting our government, as well as our public schools and universities. And we will not be deterred from our efforts to stop them.”

Thanks to Gateway Pundit:

Pastor Terry Jones Calls Mohammad a “Liar, Pedophile & False Prophet” at Dearborn Protest

Detroit News reported:

Florida Pastor Terry Jones Plans to Rally in Dearborn Saturday:

With the twin spires of the Islamic Center of America in the background, the Rev. Terry Jones praised Christianity and condemned Islam, calling it “of the devil.”

“Mohammad was a liar, a pedophile and a false prophet,” Jones said.

“I believe that as a Christian. But as an American who believes in the constitution I believe they have the right to practice their beliefs under the freedom of religion.”

Practicing Islam means allowing Muslims to engage in polygamy, child-marriage, the halal racket, and waging jihad against unbelievers. I thought Jones understands that.

Jones — who is on his fourth trip to Dearborn to preach about the dangers of Islam and its agenda of imposing Sharia law on America — also called for a worldwide burning of the Koran on April 28 if an imprisoned pastor in Iran isn’t freed from a death sentence after converting from Islam to Christianity.

“I’m asking the imam of the Islamic Center here in Dearborn to work with me to free Minister Youcef,” said Jones, of Youcef Nadarkhani, currently facing death for preaching Christianity in Iran.

“If he isn’t freed, I will ask the world to burn the Koran in protest starting at 5 p.m. on April 28th in Gainesville, Fla.”

At least 30 of Jones’ supporters — some of them openly carrying weapons on their belts as did Jones — shouted an occasional “amen” or “preach it” as Jones spoke.

The controversial pastor denied accusations that he is a racist.

“Not true,” he said. “Islam is a religion, not a race. I am not a racist.”

Jones said that not all Muslims are radicals.

“I believe the majority of the people who attend this mosque behind me believe in the constitution,” Jones said.

Call me a sceptic.  The majority of Muslims want’s to replace the constitution with the sharia. Jones can smoke that in his peace pipe.