Germany's Old Nazi Gunther Grass Blames Israel For Defending Itself

He always was a Nazi swine.   As a writer he  deserves a fair bit of credit  for the present confusion between left and right: in the queer and twisted world of old Nazis like Grass todays left is “antifascist”.   Conservatives, Jews, Christians and those opposing Marxist dictatorship, One-World government and Islamization are vilified as “right wingers”.

Even in old age,  Jens Jessen, writing in the newspaper Die Zeit, darkly comments, the Nobel laureate still appears like someone “who could again immediately fall into another ideology if only it were anti-bourgeoisie enough and promised an end to the class society.” 

Nobel winner Grass: Israel a threat to world peace AP

BERLIN (AP) — German Nobel literature laureate Guenter Grass labeled Israel a threat to “already fragile world peace” in a poem published Wednesday that drew sharp rebukes at home and from Israel.

Grass blames Israel for the supposed crime of having nuclear weapons while living in besiegement and being bombarded with rockets every day.

Once a Nazi, Always a Nazi: Former SS Member and Nobel winner Grass: ‘Israel a threat to world peace’ (Pamela Geller)

Israel will do what it needs to do in order to survive.

“I know you won’t disappoint me, Gunther…”

‘Günter Grass says he had not spoken out previously because his nationality forbade it: any German breaking the silence on the Israel nuclear programme may be accused of antisemitism.’

Let me correct it…

‘Günter Grass had not spoken out previously because his voluntary membership of the Waffen SS means he was an enthusiastic anti-semite. Now some 65 years later he feels enough people share his views of Jews he can freely express them again”

The Waffen SS was inhuman even by the Wehrmacht’s already “open minded” standards. It was formed with an ideological HATRED of Jews at its heart, not German superiority even, as demonstrated by the enthusiastic membership of a Bosnian Muslim contingent.

Well, Guenter, now we know the root causes of your anti-capitalist, anti-American views post 1945…

Here’s a dose of reality if you can stand it:

19 thoughts on “Germany's Old Nazi Gunther Grass Blames Israel For Defending Itself”

  1. Gunter Grass, well known in germany as the intelectuel speaker for decades against right wing extremism did not volunteer for the Waffen SS, but for the U-Boat flotille.

  2. The menace of international Jewry must be contained. the attempt by transnational Jews to wipe out Western nations and genocide indigenous white peoples with mass immigration and cultural Marxism is matched by their economic wars in the ME and Africa where they are running phoney al Qaeda (two of whos top three leaders are Jewish) to butcher people so they can gain control of their central banks.

  3. What does Israel need atomic submarines for if it is a peacefull country. Furthermore its enemies are their ohn arab citizens, which they want to kill and get rid of them.

  4. Calling Grass a nazi, is that the only argument you can some up with? Playing that worn out anti-semite card is a big sleeping pill, 2012. Try to renew yourself will you..

    1. Grass was a voluntary member of the Waffen SS. That’s a fact and not a “worn out anti-semite card”.

      Do you understand the difference between fact and fiction?

  5. AQ is exclusively muslim – I don’t know who the idiot “free the goyim” is, but it is an idiot.

    I suggest that you learn to think – Grass has been profiled as a Nazi. and that implies, by definition, several unsavory things about him. I am giving you the opportunity to show, without doubt, why Grass should not be considered a Nazi. Looking forward to your arguments. We shall use the definition of a Nazi, as outlined by the Nuremberg War Trails, as the basis for argument.

  6. @Free the goyim,

    Sorry mate, but your behind on the times according to other moonbats, the Jooz already control ‘all’ of the worlds banking. So which is it? WILL control all the banks? Or DOES control all the banks?

    Whats the point in controlling all the world banks if their is a planned genocide on all the white people? Without white people their is no money, no industry, no commerce. No more inventions-i.e., modernity. Modern society stops. If you want examples just look at countries like Lebanon and Afghanistan and what they used to be like before Medieval peasants gained control. Or the sandbox that is Arabia, without Western technology.

    Mass immigration IS deliberate. Ask Tony Blair and his Lefty Labour party. But, it is not meant to implement a genocide. But a tool to control the indigenous population, through fear, misdirection and silence. Rape and violence are byproducts of mass immigration; with the host government deliberately turning a blind eye to such crimes. Teaching immigrants a victim narrative that by speaking certain buzz words all bad behavior will absolve them of any responsibility – empowering them with a false sense of entitlement and a even greater hate for the host community.

    Immigrants from third world countries are useful tools to subdue the masses by any means necessary and act as a pilot scheme to see how long it takes the host communities to object and push back.

  7. @Luis Ahumada

    You should use caution when you parrot leftist ideology without thinking.

    Israel never claimed to be peaceful. They said, that they would ‘defend’ their country by any means necessary. You are confusing Israel with the Arabs countries that surround them who repeatedly tell the world that they are peaceful and practice a peaceful ideology.


    Gunter Grass is a bore, just like you.

  8. Guether Grass is not a Nazi, and even the pope was conscripted to the Hitlet Youth movement and he is now God’s holy representative on earth. Grass is a great intellectual who has been a giant in Germany’s attempts to understand it difficult past. The above article is a unfair and nasty attack on a remarkable intellect.

    1. You’re a bad liar, William.

      The present pope had no choice. You state correctly that he was conscripted by the Hitler youth at the end of the war. That was directly ordered by the totalitarian regime. That doesn’t make him a Nazi.

      Grass joined the SS voluntarily and with conviction, and little do we know about the crimes he committed while “following orders”. As for your claim of Grass being an ‘intellectual giant’ I would say “overrated” just like Tariq Ramadan.

      Grass is a mental midget, a self-absorbed scribbler with mega-attitude and he is a member of the same criminal National Socialist elite who caused ‘Germany’s difficult past’.

      The article is way too mild for this incorrigible, repugnant individual.

      Grass: “was gesagt werden muss”

      It’s all the same in the end. Red faces hiding behind red flags. Red Gunter mixing his poison with sugar, closing the circle of his life even as the international left goes back to smashing Jewish windows and crowds gather with megaphones outside Jewish stores. It’s not really about the Jews, it’s about the men and women with megaphones who have spent too long looking in mirrors and waiting for the applause to begin.

      They are cheering Gunter in Berlin, in Moscow and Tehran, not to mention London, Paris and Boston. Not because he has said anything terribly daring, but because he has thrown a stone at a window. And it isn’t the size of the stone, it’s the breaking of taboos. And when enough taboos have been broken, then the red flags will freely wave again.

      To read the whole thing, click on the link!

  9. Jewish propaganda is vile. This gargabge on here, written by the hook-nosed and repulsive creatures, known as Jews, must be met by truth and strength.

  10. @Johnny Boy

    Christian Piggs? Hooked nosed Jooz? Well trolls which one is it? Can’t be both.

    Hiding behind Ad hominem attacks…predictable trolls.

    Feel free to try and repudiate the truth that is found on this site anytime.

  11. Is this one of those blogs were a Jewish guy uses the anonymity of the internet to pretend to be a ex-Muslim? Or just another hyprocritical self-proclaimed chosen one? Do tell…

  12. @ MH is this anther one of those post where the poster hides behind the anonymity of the internet and posts about Zionist conspiracies behind every criticism of Islam?

    Still waiting to see an intellectual and logical repudiation of the truth that is found on this site anytime.

  13. Jews and nazis should be friends and forget about the history now when we all live in a multicultural society.


  14. Those people talking about their rightwing-thoughts in public should be send to prison where they belong so that the world is freed from those insanes!

  15. @Peturez

    Clearly you are afraid of freedom of speech. Where is your condemnation towards people who are making hateful statements towards the French, Swedish, Americans, British, Jews etc., etc and the violent and murderous acts they intend to enact? You are a hypocrite and a poser.

    There are no Right wing views here only the ‘right’ way of thinking, as in astute and prophetic based upon factual events and statements that come directly from the source. Just because you want to be blind and ignore the truth doesn’t mean the rest of us are so cowardly.

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