Whole lotta 'myth dispelling about Islam' in Dubai!


Top international Islamic scholars will talk about peace and Islam at the Dubai International Peace Convention (DIPC) to be held in Dubai from April 12 to 14.

“Top Islamic Scholars” include  Yousuf Estes from the US, Abdul Rahim Green from the UK, Dr Zakir Naik from India and Hussain Yee from Malaysia.

The event will feature a thematic exhibition on “scientific miracles from the Quran”–  no shiite! 

In other news:

Arabs like Nestle’s Gold Bunny!

Just wondering why they don’t put a keffieh on it:

The Gold Bunny, a chocolate rabbit from the World’s largest food producer Nestle, is a globally well-known appearance in supermarkets during Easter time, even in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), per se an Islamic state.  Story at CRI (via Mullah)