Italy deports; Algeria complains….

Italy deports illegal “Immigrants”,  Algiers complains  about ”violent, humiliating and inacceptable’ treatment…..
 A spokesman for the Algerian ministry said a ”protest” had been expressed over the treatment suffered ”by two of our fellow countrymen”  (ANSAmed) via Tundra Tabloids

Sinners in the hands of an angry polling place official. “Abstaining Algerian voters warned: God will punish you,” by Lamine Chikhi for Reuters, April 25

And of course if the Muslims had been shaken out of their faith altogether, they would have been under a death sentence. “Believer awaits appeal decision after ‘shaking the faith’ of Muslims,” from Mission News Network, April 23 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

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  1. I fully understand the reason for the tape. If absent, the individuals in question could have uttered all sorts of inflammatory remarks about “bombs”, “terror attacks” and such, causing the plane to abort takeoff for investigation as laws require. They could have consistently endeavored to disrupt the deportation process and could have indeed accomplished it.

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