"Merah's murder of a rabbi, three Jewish school children, and three French soldiers was a glorious raid on Western civilization"

The tiny minority of excremists tells us how they really feel:

“The hero of the battle of Toulouse”–  “a practical lesson in bravery”– “a glorious raid on Western civilization.”

The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Jihadis are finding inspiration in the murder of Jewish children and French soldiers in Toulouse, calling for the attack to form a new “school” of terrorism in the West.

In “Lessons and Treasures from the Battle of Toulouse,” al-Qaida forum moderator Abu Sa’d al-Amili transforms Mohammad Merah’s murder of a rabbi, three Jewish school children, and three French soldiers into a glorious raid on Western civilization. Merah’s executions, termed “a little like 9/11” by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, are called a “practical lesson in bravery” and the murderer is part of the “fighting men of a special class.”

A translated version of the essay was quickly produced, ostensibly to expand the reach of the Arabic essay, which was first released in late March and documented at the time by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“The hero of the battle of Toulouse will be an example and a role model for whomever is behind him among the Muslim youth in the West, especially those who have not joined up with Mujahid groups,” al-Amili writes, emphasizing that the attack is a realization of al-Qaida’s call for lone-wolf jihadis. “His message to all those people is that the route to jihad is open and available,” promising small-time plotters that their actions will make them heroes for Islam.

To al-Amili, the attack’s main success is the rejection of the West’s anti-extremism campaigns by a Western Muslim. “The hardest strike against the Crusader West” is that Western Muslim youth are still joining al-Qaida, he writes.

The essay targets the large class of unemployed and frustrated Muslim youth in Europe, touching on themes common in their lives. Al-Amili notes their frustration with life in the West, and at the same timeexplains how this anger has turned them into the best soldiers in al-Qaida’s ranks.

These youth today “have no social value, no jobs to mention, and no weight or consideration,” he writes. As long as they are Muslims who believe in Islam’s “divine law,” “they would be marginalized and allegations would be made against them of being terrorists and radicals, [allegations] which are made to keep them always in defense position rather than attack,” he ironically notes.

Western civilization has given them a single option to become “the new servants of their materialistic, unfair civilization” and “lost generations without identity or values or faith, no color, no taste and no smell” to life.

In contrast, the Taliban and al-Qaida give them hope that Islamic law and honor could be restored. And the “wide margins of liberty” in the West, which he demonizes throughout the essay, prevents them from becoming downtrodden like the Arabs living under tyrannical rule in their home countries.

“They were independent of others and self-confident and had other attributes which qualified them to be the best soldiers in the hands of the Mujahideen,” he writes. “More than that, they could actually become a special and distinguished type of hidden soldiers who are not known or cared about by many people and who are not easy for the enemy to spot, through whatever methods and ways are available to the enemy.”

These “soldiers of a new type” have found their inspiration in other al-Qaida attacks on the West, Al-Amili explains. He singles out the “London and Madrid operations,” as well as the Mumbai massacre, as the strongest examples. In London and Madrid, local terrorists used explosives to kill dozens using buses and subways. In Mumbai, gunman targeted popular Western hangouts as well as a Jewish center.

Merah’s attack is viewed as particularly unique and noteworthy, al-Amili explains. Unlike other successful operations carried out by immigrants, Western-born Muslims are rejecting local governmental attempts to promote non-violent forms of Islam. The operation has also reminded jihadis about the importance of attacking France, which has been spared the successful mass attacks experienced in the United States and elsewhere in Europe.

Ultimately, the goal of this raid and others like it, is to produce an al-Qaida “in Western dress with blue eyes” and with a “totally Western appearance.”

These “Mujahideen have broken the fear barrier and took the [Muslim] nation to a stage of challenge, by staging quick and unique attacks that target the enemy’s economic, political, and military positions in their own homes,” he writes. The economic and social drain on the West is just as much a success as the damage of the raids

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  1. while the extremists admit it loudly – the ‘moderates’ are praising him secretively. don’t kid yourselves – there are no ‘moderates’. Bad moslems leave islam.

  2. My my…..the battle of Toulouse? Ah, you can always count on Muslim men to have delusions of grandeur.

    I know that is part of the Islamic pathology to compare sucker punch attacks on soldiers and killing babies/children to be equitable in facing their adversary on a battlefield like a man in their minds, but I guess such delusions are the only thing keeping their manhood alive, rather then have to acknowledge that they really lack courage and are cowards.

  3. What is worse is that the french left who will soon be in power, if the polls are anything to go by, agree with that. There are 4 candidates of what they euphemise as ‘left of the left’ who are blatant Jew haters and can hardly hide their glee. Namely Melanchon, who has a big following (canvassing the vote from the arabs/muslims) – he himself born in Marocco, and will wield quite some power in the Socialist government.

    The only hope the Jews had in France was Marine LePen, who publicly named the nasty cancer that eats France as the “arab/muslim immigration/invation” and I see on the site Dreuz that, apparently, there are blatant irregularities happening to prevent people from voting for Marine LePen.

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  6. Thanks for the reply Sheik and the helpful info.
    Just to reiterate, the contact for or your office is via email -at the ‘Contact Sheik Yer’mami’?

    “Constant DOS attacks and several thousand spam messages” Not surprised by this fact. They have to try and silence you somehow.

    Afraid, of the light of truth.


  7. Agreed Rita – Marine Le Pen is the only hope for France……get rid of the cancer that is Islam and stop pussyfooting around. Whether moderate muslims or otherwise – they must stay in their own countries and work towards more democratic government, no matter how long it takes. WE DO NOT WANT ISLAM IN THE WEST – IT IS ANATHEMA TO OUR VERY EXISTENCE AND MUST BE REMOVED.

  8. People of France, Britain, America – we must fight for our very existence NOW – we must rid ourselves of the satanic cult that is ISLAM and return our countries to the free and fair democracies they once were.

  9. Thanks Sheik. Sorry for my tandrum.
    Patricia Jones: agreed! But, having just spent the last 3 months in France, my diagnosis for this once wonderfull country is: “moribund”. France, once called “la fille ainee de l’Eglise” (the oldest daughter of the Church), has now become the first whore of Islam – her pimps being the 99 percent leftist media. Goebbels would be proud of their methods.

    I have a deep admiration for Marine LePen who has been getting hit from all sides and yet she stood up, proud and fighting each time. I think her plan is to assemble a new conservative side (the old one being so molle against the overwhelming and accellerating islamisation ) and letting the Left who WILL be in power for the next 5 years become so brazen that the bourgois wake up and throw them out come the next election.
    My fear, however, is that it will be too late by then, because it’s nearly too late now.

    Living in France now is like living in Africa (especially the Maghreb), with the good bits (like nature) taken out of it.

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