2 thoughts on “"Not intended for public view””

  1. What was that about never never be slaves..

    Can’t speak freely, can’t joke, can’t protest peacefully, can’t walk where you want, can’t eat, drink or smoke what you want, can’t bake cakes or give away surplus garden produce to whoever you want; it just goes on and on. Everything is dumbed down to the lcd; we’re patronised to the nth degree by the media who feed us only the news they think we should know; we’re ignored by the handful of once-decent MPs in the Commons and treated with contempt by the rest of them. And now, we can’t even call a jumped-up Councillor a c*nt without being hauled before the Courts and threatened with jail.



    How is it in Oz?

  2. We have our own c*nts, but they can say what they want because they’re black:

    Did you know that Al Sharpton had an illegitimate child in Australia? Just as green, caring and compassionate:

    Meet Greens candidate Michael Quall, devoted to reconciliation and “caring”:

    “Andrew Bolt is a vile dog who should be put down, I openly condone hunting him down and beating him within an inch of his life “- and “free speech doesn’t mean what you think it means, you stupid, vile, racist dog whistling c*nt…”

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